John Shurna

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John Shurna

Obviously I was impressed with Caboclo and Nogieras abillity to play smart basketball within the system and show the great upside each player possesses but I was even more impressed with Shurna. Ive always loved this guy since his Northwestern days and Im surprised he isnt in the league.

Hes been playing in the ACB on a team with two talented gaurds Devoe Joseph and Guillume Vives (a player who is now on NBA radars). He is more then just a three point specialist as he is deceptively athletic and a smart player. Reminds me of a bigger Anthony Morrow or more athletic Jason Kapono.

I would like to see him added to the roster pending the next few games. I think he can at least provide the same value as a Steve Novak from last years Toronto sqaud. Excited to see him play today.

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Form is vomit inducing but he

Form is vomit inducing but he can shoot it. Wouldn't have any problem with him on the Raptors roster.

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Shurna is a crafty scorer,

Shurna is a crafty scorer, and quite frankly, a guy built well to produce in the Summer League. He has an NBA translatable skill, in shooting, and now he's got some pro experience overseas, but I don't know if he'll end up cracking a roster. I would think his play thus far would be enough to nab an invite to Toronto, or some other team's pre-season camp.

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that shot shouldnt even be

that shot shouldnt even be allowed in the nba

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too slow

watched him plenty in High School.. hes too slow of a player to produce in the NBA..

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