John Hollinger's Trades

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John Hollinger's Trades

John Hollinger's trades he posted on ESPN.. Some of them are pretty crazy though.. Beware.

Steve Nash to New York (8 Player, 2 Team trade)

Kaman and Hamilton Swap (7 Player, 2 Team trade)

Mayo to the Bulls (8 Player, 3 Team trade)

Melo to the Rockets (18 Player, 4 Team trade... WOW)

Personally, I hate all of these trades. N.Y. doesn't need a PG. LAC doesn't need a bad contract nor another SG. The Grizzlies get ripped off horribly in their deal. Melo trade to the Rockets is crazy and as a Rockets fan, I wouldn't want to lose damn near my entire team (esp. Kevin Martin) for a star player and 3 horrible contracts.

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Someone really needs to tell

Someone really needs to tell Hollinger to get the &$#%#[email protected]! out at some point. Just to put things in perspective for him again.

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The sort of trades that a

The sort of trades that a rookie on this site would post up to be honest. The Knicks can get Grant Hill in the summer as he will be an FA and they seem happy with Felton at the moment so taking on a 37 year old in Nash would not be a good long term move for a young team.

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I think D-nyce hacked into

I think D-nyce hacked into john hollinger's profile and make these trades some of these are a bit rediculous....

only one i think is a possible trade is the Pistons and Clippers.

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Espn need top trade him to

Espn need top trade him to some other website.

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sounds like John Hollinder is

sounds like John Hollinger is DNYCE

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Is there any way I can neg

Is there any way I can neg rep Hollinger?

All those trades are head scratchers and the Mayo trade is especially boneheaded for every team except Chicago.

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