John Calipari

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John Calipari

How would things have been different if John Calipari won a national title at Memphis? What if they were able to hold on to that nine point lead with two minutes left? Would he still be the head coach at Memphis?

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I don't understand the point

I don't understand the point of this thread. Neeext

Chilbert arenas
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Typically I wouldn't

Typically I wouldn't entertain this but with summer league over we have officially entered the dog days of summer. Baseball is in the middle most boing part of the season, NFL camps haven't opened yet, every significant NBA free agent has been signed and there isn't much to talk about. Give the guy a break for trying.

To the question at hand it's a legit question and I think he would have eventually moved on to Kentucky either way since it just might have cost them a little more to take him away. No one thought Brad Stevens would ever leave Butler and look where he's headed now. That game was one of the best national championship games in recent memory. Rose and CDR choked away those free throws at the end but give Chalmers credit for hitting the 3 and the rest of the Kansas team for stepping up in overtime.

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I think he would still

I think he would still leave,even if they had won it all.....Cal had his mind set on being at a Big-Time school....Remember when he left Memphis he had the nation's top ranked incoming class coming there......But most of them followed him to kentucky

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Doubt it, Memphis isn't big

Doubt it, Memphis isn't big time like Kentucky is. And I agree with Rudeboy he had the #1 recuritng class, the only player that didn't follow to Kentucky was Xavier Henry

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Too soon, bro.

Too soon, bro.

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I believe we'd have seen a

I believe we'd have seen a train of one-and-dones at Memphis or whatever other school he would have coached if he had won at Memphis that year. These highly touted prospects want to play for Calipari. He just happens to be coaching at Kentucky.

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No I don't think he would

No I don't think he would have stayed at Memphis if he won the title. Kentucky is such a legendary basketball school, he couldn't turn that down. Also he's getting payed more in Lexington.

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