Johhny Flynn

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Johhny Flynn

Interesting read on the trials and tribulations of Johnny Flynn:

I never knew his hip was as bad as they say in this article, they compare it to the injury Bo Jackson suffered.
" "It's a hip injury that is darn close to what Bo Jackson had," Waters said. "The hip is not something God created that is going to be easily fixed." "

Well good luck to him on his journey back to the NBA. He is only 24 years old, do you think he gets another shot?

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It feels like there is a lack

It feels like there is a lack of backup point guards. Lots of great starting caliber point guards, but not that many good backups. I hope someone gives him a shot. He could be a good spark plug type who can run the offense and provide a good change of pace. The Grizzlies could use an extra point guard especially if Tony Wroten and Nick Calathes don't pan out.

Hopefully Flynn goes to a contender and makes a difference.

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It's tough

It's a really tough call to make. At age 24, he still has a lot of promise based upon youth and potential. However, whenever the NBA pegs you as injury prone, you lose a lot of opportunities that you may have once had. This is especially true in this circumstance because he was pegged with a nagging hip, something that is no easy fix.

As the 6th overall pick in 2010, I was highly impressed by Jonny Flynn in his rookie season, and I was shocked that he was out of the league as quickly as he was. I can honestly say that if he is healthy, I can see him being a good spark off of the bench as a rotation, pick-and-roll dominate point guard.

He just needs to prove that he is healthy overseas for one more season, and if he can remain on the court, as well as produce in a league of less-calibur players, Jonny Flynn should be on his way back to the NBA soon enough.

I wish him the best.

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That was a very good read, great post

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I may be biased.

I loved Jonny Flynn as a person and thought he had potential based on his rookie year. It was obvious he was a good player and then he got hurt yet people don't hear about the hip injury and call him a bust which in my opinion is not fair to him.

They also brought him back too early and didn't have him in their future plans. I read Kahn's side of the story and it seems clear to me that he constantly made bad decisions from the beginning with Jonny.

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