Jodie Meeks the next Michael Redd

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Jodie Meeks the next Michael Redd

What yall think ?

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the bucks hope so

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. From what i've seen of Meeks, he has to have his shoulders squared when he pulls up for a jumper. Redd is great at being off balance and he brings the ball behind his ear which allows him to shoot in the defenders face while off balance. That is a huge advantage that is hard to teach. Lets wait till Meeks plays a year or two first. Had anyone besides the Bucks drafted him, would you be comparing him to Redd?

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No, more like Von Wafer

No, more like Von Wafer

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I think meeks could be like

I think meeks could be like von wafer if he picks his spots. When I saw both of them play in college they were volume shooters and its hard to take on that same role being a rookie in the NBA. Wafer really toned it down and has a better shot selection now because he's not playing 35 minutes a game, so he picks and chooses a better shot for himself and doesnt mind being the scorer off the bench. I think meeks could slip into this role too but he has to work on his shot selection and work on his defense too so he will be able to stay on the floor.

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Meeks is a much better

Meeks is a much better shooter than Wafer. Meeks has tremendous talent but his size and lack of mental drive holds him back. He is an almost unstoppable scorer when he wants to be.

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you'll be surprised

I am telling you, he is the surprise of the draft. When he was GA player of the year, the knock on him was that he was athletic, played great defense, but he didn't have a jumper. Now the knock on him is the exact opposite. I think he was held back in BCG's system. His freshman year, he played behind Jamal Bradley and Joe Crawford in Tubby's system. He showed flashes of brilliance and didn't have much of a jumper yet.

The following year, he and Derrick Jasper (trans to UNLV) played a few games hurt. Meeks exploded in one game for 27 pts and most of these were 3s. This took the UK faithful by surprise.

In his Junior year, he became a spot up shooter who could not create his own shot. Kinda hard to create when you are constantly double teamed. I don't know about Michael Redd, but he is going to be good and he will fond a spot in the NBA for years to come. Now that he is out of BCG's system, he will show why he should have been a 1st round pick. The athleticism will son be on display.

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Not Wafer

Wafer is a much better athlete than Meeks. But in terms of shooting I could see it, they both can get on hot streaks and take over games. I think Meeks is gonna be more like a Willie Green type in the NBA

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