Jodei Meeks

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Jodei Meeks

Sharp Shooter, Aeraged 23.7 PPG. Why is he getting as much hype as Steph Curry Meeks is bigger, played at a bigger school/conference. Curry has just the miracle run by Davidson last year in the tournement and is shorter than Meeks. I got Meeks sneeeeking into the first round at 30 in my mock draft. I think Lebron will take him under his wing and make his big a part of there offense. In Clevelands offense if you can hit open shots your gonna succeed. What do you guys think of Jodei Meeks and how far up do you think he will go, I think 30 isnt a stretch.

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i agree with the meeks/curry comparison except that curry had several huge games in back to back years in the ncaas. i think 30 is a stretch mid forties to low fifties, but i think he'll be a decent pro, arenas reminds you not count anyone out

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why no hype?

the reason why is that he was not on the grand stage. ive said this before but one thing that determines stocks is how many times you are on tv. the media influences the stocks of players.

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Curry has a better all

Curry has a better all around game. He is a better ball handler, better passer, and actually rebounds pretty well for his size. I do think Meeks will be a good player to bring off the bench to score. It would not surprise me if Meeks moves up into the end of the 1st round to a team looking for a great shooter.

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