Jimmy Butler

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Jimmy Butler

Wrote a nice little blog entry on the prospects of Jimmy Butler this year. This will be his first year as a starter and alongside Derrick Rose big things can happen. Thought it was a pretty good write up and was just wondering what you guys thought about him. How good can he be? What do you think?

Take a look if you care to see what I think.

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great blog

I think you did a really good job. You really hit the nail on the head with those points you made. Nice work, but I'm still going to neg you since I didnt actually read the article.

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So you think he hit the nail

So you think he hit the nail on the head but negged him cause you didn't read it?

I negged you because your answer was completely lacking substance.

To retur to topic, I really like Jimmy Butler. I first started followinf his path after the Bulls drafted him with the last pick in the first round I guess. He was homeless for some time during college and this alone makes him a great story. But I really like the fact that he is a really strong defender. His offense still needs some work but his shot is okay and if you can defend, you get minutes and have the chance to grow. Kawhi, Paul George, MKG and Jimmy Butler are the centerpieces of the new generation wings and all of them are known for beeing good to very good defenders. I like this very much and always have a knack for defensive minded players. I agree with Ben that 12/5/2 should be realistic this year.

I don't know if Jimmy ever can be an All Star but Chicago has a need at the 2 and he should be more than ready to handle this. If Deng leaves at some point he might switch over to the 3 but in my opinion he should be able to handle both spots if he keeps on working on his ball handling skills.

A good guy and for sure coach Tibbs loves a talented hard working defender. He will get his minutes if he clicks with a healty D-Rose.

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Sorry but I had to neg you

Sorry but I had to neg you for saying "thought it was a pretty good write up" about your own work.

Also, for the love of God man, fix the banner on your blog site... my eyes are bleeding from the pixels.

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