Jimmer looking impressive

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Jimmer looking impressive

He's going to have to work on his defense, but his offense is looking very sharp. Quicker than I originally thought. Anyone else watching the game? He got 21 pts, 3 rebs, 4 asts, 1 stl and only one turnover with 9 mins left in the 4th. Shooting 7-11 from the field and 4 of 6 from deep.

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Teach me how to Jimmer!

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The King's are stacked with

The King's are stacked with Talent.

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offensively he looks better

offensively he looks better then i could have imagined. I know its one game, but he has zero probelm creating his own shot and has nba range and some on his jumper and he looks like he has decent quickness with the ball in his hands.

However, to say he needs to work on his defense is an understatement. he has been garbage on that end. I mean he let curry get free a few times early. Was horrible fighting through screens. Then monta just blew by him. Then he let klay thompson blow by him one on one off an inbounds pass along the sideline and even reached and fouled klay on the lay in to give up the 3 point play to boot. He had one of the most hilariously bad defensive plays during a 3 on2 break where he was the last guy back and his options were A) shoot the passing lane for a steal, B) set up for a charge, or C) litterally move your body out of the way from a charge and go for a weak ass swipe block attempt that wasnt within 5 feet of the ball that had his entire bench grumbling.I was zeroing in on jimmer the whole game to see how he played and based on this game, he might be the worst defender in the NBA.

Overall a positive game for jimer though.

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He was impressive

He played under control and did not rush. Showed that he is an extremely intelligent basketball player with a great shot. I saw a glimmer of hope for improving his defense at a few points in the game, and he seems to be descent at passing out of a double team.

I think the main problem with his defense is that his effort is lacking. Instead of getting into position he will move slowly or out of the way, goes for unslightly hand swipes, and seems overall inexperienced at this level.

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The guy has a God-given

The guy has a God-given ability to score at all 3 levels, and he does it with range and ease.

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I love watchin this kid shoot

I love watchin this kid shoot the ball. He uses his legs incredibly well. The stroke is smooth and all you hear is splash. His range is other-worldly.

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1 good preseason game and

1 good preseason game and everyone loves him?? Slow down a lil bit.. I am rooting for him to do great things but lets be honest here, he was playing the Warriors in a preseason game.. Yeah, the Warriors want to be much better on defense than they have been but Jimmer was being guarded by Curry.. Let him play 5-10 real games and then if he is still at this level, praise him.. But everyone knew he could play based on what he did at BYU..

I want to see how he reacts when people start taking him out of his game.. When he has to play uncomfortable, how effective will he be?? Can he still create for himself when he is guarded by DWade or Kobe?? How does he handle CP3?? Will he be able to play when Evans is off his game?? Can he be a lead guard or is his role to be the 2 off of Evans??

Give it close to 10 games.

On a side note, I want him to do great. I have always hated those Steve Kerr comparisons...

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I loved him since I saw him

I loved him since I saw him scorch San Diego State last year which was a team that had the length and athleticism to shut him down and none of it matter when 28 footers started dropping. The more I watched him the more I realized the only way you can stop him is by not letting him shoot...from anywhere.

And yes the Warriors arent a great defensive team but it's not like Jimmer was slashing thru open lanes all game he was hitting long jump shots which will be availible in everygame.

I likened him to Curry coming out of college because they have similar games and similar athletic limitations. Jimmer is quicker then people realize and is actually alot stronger then Curry which will benefit him when he drives in the lane.

I remenber when people couldn't believe he was gonna get drafted in the lottery then people when apeshit when they heard the Kings wanted him at 7 saying he can't play in the league and yadi yada. But the Kings are a great fit because this will open up the court the Reke DMC. Jimmer is too smart not to eventually be solid on defense but yeah he is gonna get torched on that end of the floor all year. And did anybody else notice that Reke started at SF for the Kings tonight and DMC was a DNP? anybody kno why?

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I watched the whole game

He cant guard anyone but wow can he score, hes a white Steph Curry. Shooters can always shoot

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Demarcus Cousins was injured

Demarcus Cousins was injured

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B4 the draft

I was certain he could get 15 to 20 in the L, and certain his D would be horrible. All that seems to be the case. I think if he improves in team D he can mask some of his issues, but the kid is a scorer and underrated ball handler. Range is unlimited and the dudes in the NBA will learn that soon enough if they didn't already know. Damn his D was bad though.

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After watching this preseason

After watching this preseason game,The Kings front office are giving themselves a BIG PAT on the BACK..There was 1 thing and 1 thing only the Kings brought Jimmer in to do..That was put up big numbers and bring some excitement to their fan base...Something that had been lacking since the old CWebb days...They will only worry about his defense when his scoring goes down...But as long as he's putting up 18 to 20 points a night,its all good...

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I was very impressed with him

I was very impressed with him as well. Totally played within himself, but still did everything he did in college sans the pull up 35 footers.

Isaiah Thomas was a great pickup as well. He reminds me of Nate Robinson: Pocket-rocket with a bit of an attitude, except Thomas is already a much better shooter.

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Jimmer certainly looked

Jimmer certainly looked impressive but the key will be can his scoring help the Kings to win more games. They will be fun to watch this year and if Jimmer can function as a starter alongside Evans then their backcourt is looking good. The team has 3 legit young scorers now which a lot of other teams don't and maybe the team is just allowed to play and not worry too much about the results with that stacked draft next year.

The key thing about Jimmer could be that he creates a buzz and enables the team to become commercially viable in Sacramento once more as I'd hate that city to lose the Kings.

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Jimmer went to the best place

Jimmer went to the best place considering his strengths and weaknesses. He could be a solid 6th man off the bench for the Kings.

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He averaged 29 ppg with the

He averaged 29 ppg with the defense completely focused on him every night in college. He will score very, very easily in the NBA and could end up as the 3rd best player from the draft.

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And balkman is a beast, and terrell harris will force a D-wade trade, we know the story.

He's a senior, he's nearly 23, he's a scorer, he's a shooter, he plays a preseason game against the warriors, against the monster back court, he lose like he'll always what ?

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The entire NBA shall taste the cold steel of Jimmer's blade:

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I'll be interested to see if

I'll be interested to see if Jimmer does develop into a starter or maybe becomes the go to guy off the bench with his scoring.If the Kings can get him time against the opponents 2nd string then he could be a volume scorer in the NBA.

The Kings now have a nice young base to build around in Evans, Jimmer, DMC and Hickson. They could almost be given solid minutes this season and just concentrate on development almost not worring about reasults as the downside is merely another trip to the lottery where they could add maybe the final missing piece to complete the team.

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Its going to be hard to have him on the court as a starter. He's already fighting for that spot with Reke and Thorton. I think Westpaul wants to have Evans at the three. But that means Evans would be handling the ball much less. And we know he's not going to like that, since its technically 'his' team. I think Jimmer will be a nice 6th man. He fits into the rotation rather nicely. Its like having one shooter (thorton) come off the court, then Jimmer who's another shooter come right back in. Hell, a tandem of both Isaiah Thomas and Jimmer could work pretty well. (Defense excluded of course) They are small but would be able to sustain the lead while the starters rest.

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