Jimmer Fredette vs. Deron Williams

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Jimmer Fredette vs. Deron Williams

Hear me out on this post before you make any decisions, I want to compare Jimmer Fredette and Deron Williams coming out of college.

A lot of people say one of Jimmer's biggest weakness is that he is un-athletic, Deron Williams is pretty athletic isn't he? Williams has had some nasty facial's during his nba career so far.

Jimmer Fredette Vertical: 36 inches

Deron Williams Vertical: 35 inches

At Illinois Williams was a great offensive player, but Fredette was the best offensive player in college this year. Per 36 minutes:

Jimmer Fredette: 28.8 PPG

Deron Williams 13.0 PPG

Passing is also one of Jimmer's weaknesses according to a lot of people, Williams is one of the best passers if not the best in the nba, and in college he was pretty good too.

Deron Williams: 6.8 APG

Jimmer Fredette: 4.3 APG

Size helps if you are a point guard, both Fredette and Williams have pretty good size for a point guard.

Deron Williams: 6-3, 210 lbs

Jimmer Fredette: 6-2, 195 lbs

Last but not least, defense is important if you are a point guard considering you are going to be going up against a lot of great point guards in the league.

Jimmer Fredette: 3.4 RPG, 1.3 SPG

Deron Williams: 3.6 RPG, 1.0 SPG

On Deron Williams defense coming out of college:

An average defensive player whose size allows him to be effective against many starting point guards. Would probably be more effective, if he wasn’t relied upon so heavily on the offensive side of the floor.

On Jimmer Fredette's defense coming out of college:

An average defender at best, gets beat off the dribble by quicker guards, his size helps him against smaller point guards. Might be a better defender, if he wasn't relied upon so much on the offensive side of the floor.

In closing, in no way am I saying that Jimmer Fredette could or will be a Deron Williams type of player in the nba. I wanted to show everybody that the comparison of the two is a lot closer than one would think. The advantage goes to Jimmer in the athletic department, advantage Jimmer offensively over Williams, advantage Williams over Fredette in assists, size wise Williams also has the advantage over Jimmer, and last, but not least on the defensive side of the ball I think it is pretty much even, maybe a slight advantage to Williams.

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That's a good read.

I'm both a BYU and Jazz fan, so this caught my interest.

Even after reading this, I don't want the Jazz to draft Fredette. I'd rather have them draft Irving, Knight, or Walker. Jazz fans hate drafting white players, partially because of the stigma of drafting white players that the franchise has. If you look at the Jazz's drafting history the last 7 years or so, that's not the case. But it is what it is.

My gut tells me that Jimmer won't be a good NBA player, but you make some good points. It will be interesting to see if Jimmer can turn himself into an elite NBA PG like Deron. He does have the ability to create his own shot that Deron does. I don't think it will happen though. I see Jimmer being nothing more than an off the bench scoring PG.

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I hope Jimmer becomes a

I hope Jimmer becomes a nobody for the sole fact that anytime I go to the gym, that whenever somebody hits a 25 foot jumper or longer, that the stupid kids on the sideline will stop screaming "JIMMMERRRR" or "YOU GOT JIMMERED". I know this is off-topic, but I seriously hope Jimmer becomes a nobody for this sole selfish reason.

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i guess you should stop kids from drillin 25 footers in yo face.

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Oh my gosh you got me! Ahhhhhhh! How did you know?!?!?!?!?

cept i dont ball.

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still fredette is no

still fredette is no williams.

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they have literally the same

they have literally the same body..... and are in the same athletic mold

but lets not get to carried away, i mean deron is perhaps the leagues best playmaker... i dont see jimmer being even close to him in tht sense

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The main difference is Jimmer

The main difference is Jimmer doesn't have the court vision DWill has. This is crucial to have as a PG in the NBA. Yes Jimmer can drive, but he will be going up against 7' centers in the NBA, not 6'8" centers like in college. They will block his shot 9/10 times so must be prepared to find the open man those 9 times like DWill can. If he can't, its a turnover.

Jimmer showed virtually no improvement on his assist numbers from his soph to senior year, that is troublesome. You may argue his teammates sucked so it was in the best interest for the team he shoot even if contested, that will be a question the GM's around the league try and disect.

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he is not even in the same

he is not even in the same mold of a PG as Williams, Jimmer Fredette is somewhere between Beno Udrih and Gilbert Arenas!

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imo jimmer

i dont think hell ever be a star but imo hes gonna be a solid 6th man adding scoring off the bench or on a good team he could be starting pg used to simply knock down open jumpers like what the heat need

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Jimmer is a less athletic Jason Terry. Have the same game.

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jtthebrick, that's the first

jtthebrick, that's the first time I've heard a BYU fan say that Jimmer will not be star in the NBA. A lot of my friends are just infatuated with him and sometimes it really starts to get on my nerves. You get +1 for saying that he won't be a star in the NBA even though you are a BYU fan.

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immer Fredette is somewhere between Beno Udrih and Gilbert Arena
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He doesn't need to be a star

He doesn't need to be a star to be successful, are you telling me you wouldn't want him on your team as a 2nd or even 3rd option? If your'e worried about his defensive liability don't, teams have found ways to work around things like that if players can score. Their is no lack of hustle in his game to think that he can't hold his own when putting forth the effort, with a little help, and he wont be relied on as heavily in the NBA to do everything. The example of Brandon Roy comes to mind, while he is no longer the player he was without his athleticisim he is still effective as he has proved recently because he can still score in a multitude of ways and because with guys like Batum, Wallace, Camby and Mathews they can make up for any defensive deficiency he may come with now. Then you have guys like Bibby and Jennings who just aren't that good at defense but can score so they find a way to make it work.

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I would like to see a stat that tested their lateral quickness, I think thats Jimmer's problem on D. Athleticism isn't just a vertical, I mean just by watching how high Jimmer gets on his jumpshot you know he has hops. But I think it would be interesting to see what their full court/half court/ shuttles were...?

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Comparing there stats in

Comparing there stats in terms of NBA translation is pretty useless, other than Jimmer playing in the Mountain West, Jimmer domianted the ball. Deron had to share the ball with Dee Brown and Luther Head who in college were entitled to the ball just as much if not more than Deron. Dee Brown was actually the guard catalyst to that Illinois team you can argue.

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deron played in the big ten

deron played in the big ten and played for a team that only loss two games that year. it was fairly obvious watching his game that he would be able to play and be a force in the league. he also had two other good college guards with him, in luthur head and dee brown. granted niether of them were good pro guards, but for college they could go.

deron was not in excellent shape leaving colleg and did not maximize his body and conditioning until he got to the league. which increased his quickness and explosiveness.

Jimmer's body is about as good as its going to get. same goes for his explosiveness and quickness.

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If anyone saw the ESPN

If anyone saw the ESPN special they had on Jimmer prior to the tournament, Jimmer compared himself to Deron Williams and says he has patterned his game from Williams. He said he has studied tape and has tried to implement things Deron does well into his game. He isn't as fast or athletic as Williams, but it's not a bad comparison in terms of size and skill set.

Having said that, I still don't think Jimmer will come close to being as good as Deron.

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