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Jerome Jordan

As almost all of you know, but i'll rehash, since being picked with the 44th pick by the bucks and then traded to the Knicks, Jordan has played in Serbia for KK Hemofarm and recently signed with KK Srka until the lockout ends.

He's 24 years old now, 7'1" in shoes, with a 7'5" wingspan and weighing around 245lbs and a fairly low body fat %.

With a huge hole at centre, only having Harrellson and Jordans rights (although a free agent will likely be signed), the Knicks will need to sign him. This got me thinking... what type of player is he now, i didn't follow him in college, but i would think he has improved on something since the scouting reports came out for the draft.

I know he's a good shotblocker, but is his man on man post defense any good? and does he have any real post offense, or offensive skills?

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