Jermaine Taylor from UCF will be STEAL in NBA Draft!

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Jermaine Taylor from UCF will be STEAL in NBA Draft!

Jermaine Taylor from UCF will be STEAL in NBA Draft! This kid is for real, 3rd leading scorer in the NATION! He will be similar to a Ben Gordon, O.J. Mayo, and Dwyane Wade kind of player. I can't believe this kid is going unnoticed its a shame. Just because he isn't playing at a powerhouse school..Dick Vi tale keeps his mouth shut. JT will be one of the best players to get drafted in this class, Mark my words!

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he probably going to make little to no impact in the league, I MEAN if we are going to waste time talking about this guy why dont we include David Holston, WHOS the 4TH leading Scorer in the NATION. Just because someone is one of the leading scorers in the nation, it does not mean they are going to be a good pro.

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UCF didn't play Kansas St

UCF didn't play Kansas St this year. They played last year, when they had Beasley, and JT had a couple of monster dunks on them, while UCF almost beat K-State with JT putting up 20.

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Watched him play

I watched UCF play against Kansas State this year, he was SUPER unimpressive. Just like my guy above me said, just because you put up big numbers on a team where there arent ANY other talented players, doesnt mean you will be a player in the pros. And remember, this was against an NIT level team.

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being a top scorer in the

being a top scorer in the nation doesnt make u a good player in the NBA. Prime example: my fav player JJ redick and adam morrison. Both those guys averaged over 27 pts a game in that amazing year of coll bball but they havent made any noise in the nba.

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Ben Gordon and D Wade

Gordon and Wade have no similarities in their game. All Gordon does is shoot. He is scary when he has to handle the ball and is a liability on defense. Wade on the other hand, does everything great except maybe shoot the long ball. When you say Taylor is going to be a Gordon, Mayo, Wade type player, I don't know where you are coming from. If you are saying that he will be a combo of all three then he would be the number one pick and a sure fire hall of famer.

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Redick and Morrison are white guys with zero athletic ability!!!!Jermaine Taylor is way better

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