Jeremy Tyler to Spain????

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Jeremy Tyler to Spain????

Today in

" Jeremy Tyler,17 years old, wants to do history with his precociousness.
The future number one of the 'Draft' wants to play in the ACB next season.
At his 17 years, Jeremy Tyler, pivot of 2,11, is projected as the first pick of the 'Draft' of 2011. His aim is to play two years in Spain and to go to the NBA after two years. He would be the first player of the history that becomes a professional without finishing ' high school '. "

It´s this true????????????

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im not sure if its true but i must say i dont have a big problem with it because for 1 youre reason for going to school is to get a good job and he will get a 6 figure contract from jump for the first year at the very least ..and more then likley hes gonna get a 7 figure contract and he can always go back and finish school

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Why not wait a year and then

Why not wait a year and then go. He should get hid high school degree

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He is going to be home schooled?

He is going to be home schooled? Also why should he wait? Imagine if i told you that you are going to get paid millions of dollars to do something and you can start training now or you can wait a year. Why wait a year? I understand the value of education but please break that down in your mind and not just follow what you are told. I am in college now and I am paying for someone of the same math that I took in high school. There are some high school graduates that need to take remedial math classes or other classes of that nature in college. He will be fine. Some people can not think outside the box and when someone does something that goes against what they have been taught they can't ponder it. There are many ways to learn something if you actually care. This kid is actually really smart. He is said to have high grades and marks. He also wants to eventually get a degree in business. Every situation in life is different. Do a little research on this situation and if you still feel like something is wrong then please present a good argument. I look forward to your answer.

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I hope more talented kids go

I hope more talented kids go overseas to futher their baskeball education pretty much every sport in North America except for football and basketball (sports majority of African Americans play) you can play coming out of high school the writing is on the wall. If you have the skills to follow your dreams I say you go for it. Im sure the military has no problem taken kids out of high school.....

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