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Arans new mock.....RICHMOND is gone!!!....I actually was never very high on this kid but with that being said, you would think that since he is just a Freshman, he would get drafted atleast late second round. Why would he even come out of school???...what a dip shyt...LOL....Anyways, I'm sure he'll be back in the second round in a couple days....just trying to keep people interested maybe...but also I def wouldnt be suprised too much if he didnt get drafted....his game is SUSPECT big time.

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love the enthusiasm lol

love the enthusiasm lol

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Richmond has no unique skills

Richmond has no unique skills that separates him from alot of other prospects...I wouldnt be surprised if he goes undrafted or goes in the late 1st round..

Some team might feel he's someone with upside..Becuz he has nice court vision,hits the boards and he's agressive on defense..

And some teams might feel he's too raw,a poor shooter and unrefined on offense..A team might not draft him,becuz they think they can invite him to camp...

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Wow I forgot about this guy.

Wow I forgot about this guy. A complete afterthought when I put my mock together. Hope all goes well and he displays a good attitude in the D-League. If he works hard, as with anyone, he'll have a shot. But right now it looks like an uphill battle.

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Dude's name is Jereme Richmond, not Jeremy.

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Davon Jefferson had a good

Davon Jefferson had a good prep reputation that many thought would get him drafted too. It played out where the guy's agent could barely even get him a summer league invite.

For the life of me, I don't know what team would want to take a project small forward whose history dating back to the moment he committed to Illinois as an infant has been lined with problems. Who could possibly want their 14th man to be an idiot?

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He Had No Choice

Being an Illinois fan, and following the team for the past 6-7 years, I know everything that was happening to Jereme. He was stuck up and thought he was better than everybody, thus losing more playing time than he already had. He started skipping school and was going to become academically ineligible next season, so his only choice was to go to the NBA. At one practice, he had got in a fight with fellow Illinois guard Brandon Paul, thus leading to his suspension in the NCAA Tournament, in case you were wondering why he didn't play. Now I never really thought too highly of him to begin with this year. I didn't like his arrogance, especially towards teammates and the coaches. However, this kid is talented, at least enough to get drafted in the second round. He is an awful shooter, I'll admit that right away, but his quickness and defensive presence have not gone unnoticed. I also came to realize that he is very good at getting to the basket, and finishing strong. Now, do I think this kid will be in the NBA next year? No. But, do I think that if he spends 2-3 years in the D-League, gets bigger, more mature, and developes a consistant jump-shot, could he come and be a success in this league? I don't know why he couldn't. He should get drafted in the late 2nd round based on age and background alone, and if he comes in, gets slapped in the mouth, and realizes he has to improve his game, he could be a very good player in 5 years.

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