Jeremy Lamb

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Jeremy Lamb

I'd like to get your guys thoughts on Lamb now that K-Mart is out of the way. I loved him coming out of college and im excited to see what he does next year. Do you think he will fill the K-Mart role right out the gate or cont to be brought along slowly as the the Thunder go for a championship... Maybe 20-28 mins of the bench behind Thabo and something in the range of 12-14 ppg with high end upside in the future. Thoughts?

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Yes I think he can fill the roll of jump shooter/instant offence off the bench fairly nicely. He will have to continue progressing fairly slowly though as while I think his shot is very nice his overall offensive game obviously lack the polish of K-mart. I think the lower end of your prediction is a reasonable assumption for his stats, say 11ppg in 20 mins on 39% from 3.

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I think Lamb is going to be a

I think Lamb is going to be a really good player, but 12 ppg is the absolute best case scenario in my mind. Don't forget, James Harden only averaged 12.2 ppg in about 27 minutes in his second season. I would guess that Lamb will probably average around 10 ppg with a FG% around 40%. I would basically expect his stats to look like Harden's rookie season.

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I think the 20 to 26 mins

I think the 20 to 26 mins predictions are about right and the 14 ppg are absolutely the ceiling for that. I hope his percentages are all right in first place. If he scores on .45 and .37 i would consider this a success no matter how much he scores.

I truely believe he could be summer league MVP if he gets it going with way beyond 20 ppg the next couple of weeks.

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Scotty Brooks has gota start

Scotty Brooks has gota start throwing some minutes his way, with Kevin Martin gone, J-Lamb and Steven Adams are all they have remaining from dealing Harden, so he needs to develop these younger guys or management is gona look even sillier then they already do.

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....I expected J.Lambo to get more minutes last year. He plays way better D and he's obviously proven he can play wing man to the main guy like he did at uconn. I expect big things from him this year, much better than kevin Martin. He should be the starting shooting guard. His weight has been only real concern. If not a starter than 6th man of year, bold prediction, u heard it from me first. IMO

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