Jennings/Heat comments/I don't understand ESPN

I just don't get some things with sports media. As hard as ESPN tried to push this mostly non-story to be extra motivation for the Heat, they still failed.

Brandon Jennings is a basketball player. Is he supposed to say he thinks his team is going to lose? I just don't get why anyone has a problem with an athlete saying his team is going to win a game or series, or predict his team is going to go all the way. I feel like all athletes need to have that mentality to achieve anything in sports.

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when the heat sweep the bucks

when the heat sweep the bucks im gnna laugh and make fun of Jennings on twitter

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It's sports media just trying to get more attention and viewers. I think most people know wht you are sayin, and it does get quite annoying. And That's why when reporters asked the Heat about the comments they all just shrugged it off because they know those comments HAVE to be said.

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What's the man supposed to say, that the Bucks are going to lose? As if we didn't know already. He's just a guy trying to show confidence in his team. No need to get riled up over it.

Ignore it, it's just ESPN trying to push a story to benefit their bottom line, because we all know that ESPN loses money every time they have to talk about "boring" teams like the Spurs or the Bucks.

We don't know how this series is going to pan out, calm down and enjoy the game. Sheesh.

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What's he supposed to say "We

What's he supposed to say "We are the underdogs, we don't have a chance."Sometimes I swear these guys never played sports. When your best players are confident it makes everyone confident.. typical media trying to make something out of nothing.

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ESPN is now labeling the

ESPN is now labeling the story on their home page "Heat warn Jennings"

Of what? That they are a lot better than his team at basketball? They have to give him a warning about that? Just pure stupidity. Quiet sports day.

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As many of you have pointed out...this is ESPN trumping up faux anger or attempting to. Players should say they feel they are going to win. As a coach if a kid says he doesn't feel we as a team can win a game I will play someone else. You play the game to win not be someone's foot stool. ESPN does not understand this which is why they attempt to create a story out of a young man stating what he should say.

ESPN reports sports from a "story" perspective. They create fake requirements and fake competition and other things. I half way cannot pay attention to 85% of their columnists or analysts because again they speak about sports as if it is a Hollywood story. And this includes guys like Magic Johnson who I sometimes listen to talk and forget he was one of the best PG's to ever do it based upon his shallow ridiculous comments on basketball. If you want true discussion on basketball from ESPN then listen to their college broadcasters and analysts. The NBA guys have agendas; yes including the former players who work their as well.

Sadly Simmons is the only "honest" guy on the set who will truly state how he feels. But even that only happens in his columns. When on the set he isn't honest.

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Successful troll attempt by

Successful troll attempt by Jennings. He was just having fun with the media and ESPN's dumb asses are trying to make something out of it.
It was said in jest.

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