Jennings not guaranteed starting spot

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Jennings not guaranteed starting spot

Chauncey Billups signed to be the starting point guard. The incumbent starting point guard, Brandon Knight, was traded away for an even better starting point guard -- Brandon Jennings.

But anyone thinking that Jennings is guaranteed the starting point guard role ... well, they're probably right, but Joe Dumars isn't guaranteeing anything.

"I don't know yet," Dumars said Tuesday after introducing Jennings in a news conference at The Palace. "I can tell you what Mo has told every guy from Chauncey to Brandon to every guy. He said, 'Look, come in and earn it. I'm going to give it to whoever earns it.' He said that to every single guy.
And while I think this supposed competition isn't going to be much of a battle it did get me thinking about something important -- who is in the Pistons rotation and who is out?

Dumars didn't shed much light in the linked article. He says that the starters are Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe and Josh Smith. Starting point guard and shooting guard is up for grabs. The bench unit is completely up in the air.

You can toss Jennings and Billups into the mix with either the starters or reserves. That brings our rotation to five players. Most teams go between eight to 10 deep on their 15-man roster.

So which of three to five of the following players deserves to be part of the rotation? Listed in order of minutes played last season:

Kyle Singler, Rodney Stuckey, Will Bynum, Charlie Villanueva and Jonas Jerebko. New players thrown into the mix this season include former Italian League MVP Luigi Datome, lottery pick Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and second-round picks Tony Mitchell and Peyton Siva.


I personally think this is a good attitude for a coach to have. If you had the choice as of right now. Which guard would you start and what would your rotation be ?

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Its probably going to be Billups and Jennings in the backcourt starting. Billups has been injury prone lately so if recent history suggests anything, KCP will probably replace him in the lineup. I'd say Stuckey would replace Chauncey but he can't shoot and they'll need spacers. Plus he probably won't be here the entire season.

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Jennings will start. Prolly

Jennings will start. Prolly with Chauncey

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I don't think kcp is ready to

I don't think kcp is ready to be a starter I like kyle and have yet to see lugi but Jerebko should be on his way out he makes to much money for a player that has no future with the origination. The biggest question is where does STUCKEY FIT IN?? Now I think Brandon will start I think Billups will see a lot of time at the 2 and the 1 whether starting or off the bench he will help lead this team and hopefully help cure Brandons bed rep hes been getting about playing pg.

I also think 2014 free agency isn't going to be good for the pistons they need to go after Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallanari , Marcus Thorton(who put up a better per then injury prone similar but bigger name guard Eric Gordon) you know established perimeter players because the only guard ( I didn't include draft because I don't know where they will be in it next year.) that a be a beneficial pick up next off season is Avery Bradley,But for Detroit to pry him from the Celts would be hard task.They have to trade atleast between Jonas and Charlie, Jonas and stuckey , or all 3 .They cant let both contracts expire the free agency pool isn't looking so sexy for 2014.

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Billups is old and needs to

Billups is old and needs to realize that his glory days are over..time for the young men to have an opportunity.

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It's just talk. He'll start.

It's just talk. He'll start.

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In reality Jennings will

In reality Jennings will start, as will chauncey (at sg). The second half of the season most likely KCP will start after ASB. I don't see Stuckey, Villanueva and Jerebko being pistons for the whole season

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Chauncey... Sub 40% fg, 37%

Chauncey... Sub 40% fg, 37% 3pt, 42 total games last two years, 37 years old, He'll start but how many games will he last?
Jennings... Career 39% fg, 35% 3pt, Theres no question that he'll start, he's the most talented guard they have but still inefficient and he'll have a tough time getting to the lane with not much spacing on the team.
Stuckey... Career 42% fg, 29% 3pt
Jerebko... Career 47% fg, 31% 3pt
Bynum... Career 45% fg, 27% 3pt
Smith... Career 47% fg, 28% 3pt
Singler... 43% fg, 35% 3pt
KCP has range and they'll probably need him to play because of that but he is a rookie, same thing goes for Datome. This team is flawed like no other, they better get ready for the lane to be packed tight with just about any lineup they throw out there.

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