Jennings; The Heat; Free Agency

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Jennings; The Heat; Free Agency

I'm sure we've all heard Jennings' outlandish remarks that the Bucks will beat the Heat in 6 games. And while nobody is really giving him any credibility, this series is Jennings' last chance to prove he's work a max-deal in free agency this summer.

The Heat are dead-last in rebounding while Milwaukee is 5th. One of Miami's weaknesses is PG play.

If Jennings is able to blow up in this series and the Bucks completely out-rebound Miami, I still don't see this series going 6 games, much less the Bucks winning.

BUT what if Jennings is able to win 2 games for Milwaukee and still lose in game 6 but he has a HUGE series. Would he be worth a max-deal? Would Milwaukee want to keep him even though it's clear he has no intentions of staying with Milwaukee if he wasn't a RFA?

Would they sign-and-trade Jennings and cash in while the iron is hot?

How much is Jennings worth both in free-agency and the trade market?

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There is absolutely nothing

There is absolutely nothing he could do to prove that he's worth a max deal.

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1. Not a franchise player- he

1. Not a franchise player- he could drop 60 in one of those games and that would still not change.
2. Not a top ten point guard- arguably not even top 15.
3. Any team that makes Brandon Jennings their franchise player is doomed in the future. If he gets max money, then so will the 10-15 or so other point guards that are better than he is.

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Jennings will get Mike Conley

Jennings will get Mike Conley Jr/George Hill money, which is around $7-8 million per year.

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How does Jennings think he's

How does Jennings think he's supposed to get a MAX DEAL and he still has no right hand? LOL

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