Jeff Teague

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Jeff Teague

Jeff Teague is one of the most talented players in the nation, but yet gets no type of fan fare what so ever, from the press. This kid to me reminds me a lot like former Phoenix Suns great, Kevin Johnson. He's a 6'1 scoring point guard, with a smooth jumper, great toughness to himself, displays a winner's mentality, he's a good passer, and he has crazy athleticism. I think he's a lottery pick for the 2009 NBA Draft and if he decides to return to college for next season and develop into more of a playmaker, then I say no lower than a top 10 pick in the 2010 Draft for Jeff Teague.

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Jeff Teague

i told everyone yesterday, watch out for teague. last night, he could not be guarded and ty lawson struggle keeping him in front. his draft stock is going up

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Teague is solid

Think he will be good in the league, if he stays one more year that would be good as well because his college team is stocked with young talent. 1 more year wouldn't kill him especially since this draft could have a lot of point guards. no matter when he comes out he will be a high draft pick and I feel he will live up to the high draft pick

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next year

He did put on a show last night and i think his athleticism will really put him over most other pgs he will be going against for draft position. I think its better if he came out next year since he will just get better in college, be on winning teams, and there will be more talented guards this year instead of next. This year you have basically all the top freshman guards, probably Rubio and Jennings, and the top upperclassmen will leave like Curry i bet, and the only other guard next year to challenge him will be John wall. He probably would need to develop his jump shot further i dnt know if its already good but a shorter guard always needs 1.

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he reminds me of a shorter

he reminds me of a shorter dwayne wade

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