Jazz Young Guys

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Jazz Young Guys

So the Jazz have just played their first preseason game and we got our first chance to see their young guys this year.

What kind of years do you expect from the young guys? Give your opinions on those who interest you most.

I'll start with Kanter and Favors:
Enes Kanter - his jump shot looked great, he is huge and strong but is more of a face up big. I expect an up and down year from him: I think that he will struggle with fouls and will make a lot of mistakes, but will have some brilliant games too.

Projected stats: 31 mpg, 14 ppg, 9 rpg, 1.3 bpg, 49 FG%.

Derrick Favors - he looked GREAT defensively in the game and he has great hands and grabs every rebound around him, his timing on blocks is very good. All of this is unsurprising for anyone who has watched him last year.
However his offensive game looked much better, his jump shot was impressive and he had some nice drives. He also didn't seem to foul as much as he usually does.

Projected stats: 35 mpg, 11 ppg, 12 rpg, 3 bpg, 55 FG%.

I'm not quite sure about the projected stats, it's sort of a stab in the dark, just trying to make a more interesting post.

P.S. I really liked how Trey Burke looked, I still think he is one of the front runners for ROY.
What kind of years do you expect from these two and the other guys: Hayward, Burks, Burke, J.Evans?

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I think Hayward will be the Jazz's best player this season. He's not the most explosive or the most flashy player, but he has an all-around game, competes on both ends and has excellent understanding of the game.

Projected stats: 37mpg/15ppg/4rpg/5apg/1.5spg/0.5bpg/ 44%fg - 39%3pt - 84%ft

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I like this projection for

I like this projection for Hayward and even think his scoring will be a little bit higher.

I just saw that Trey Burke broke one of his fingers yesterday and I expect to play Hayward a little bit of point forward the first few weeks of the new season.

Sidenote: With Burke out the Jazz have shown interest in a trade for the Bulls backup point guard Marquis Teague according to

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I plan on watching quite a

I plan on watching quite a few Jazz games this year. I don't expect them to win a lot of games, but I like their young group of players and want to see how they develop.

I liked what I saw out of Trey Burke last night as well. I'd like to see him get his teammates involved more, but I think he should be a starter and a strong candidate for ROY.

The player I'm most interested in is Gordon Hayward. I think he'll be the best player, especially when it comes to playing an all-around game at both ends. Last night he didn't shoot well, but played very good defense and almost had a triple double. I think we'll see more of his ability to make plays this season.

I think his shooting percentage (mainly three-point) will take a dip this year, but I expect him to play about 35 minutes per game and put up about 15-16 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and 1-1.5 steals per game.

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Derrick Favors: 15,2 ppg 9,1

Derrick Favors: 15,2 ppg 9,1 rpg 1,8 apg 1,2 spg 2,4 bpg

Enes Kanter: 13,5 ppg 9,6 rpg 1,6 apg 0,6 spg 1,6 bpg

Gordon Hayward: 16,1 ppg 5,1 rpg 4,4 apg 1,2 spg 0,6 bpg

Alec Burks: 12,5 ppg 3,5 rpg 2,4 apg 1 spg 0,4 bpg

Trey Burke: 14,1 ppg 2,8 rpg 6,1 apg 1,2 spg 0,1 bpg

Jeremy Evans: 6,1 ppg 4,8 rpg 0,6 apg 0,5 spg 1,1 bpg

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I don't see Favors improving

I don't see Favors improving his FG% +6 after 2 consecutive yrs of his FG% decreasing. He'll be attracting more attention from the defense this yr too, making his shots tougher. He just doesn't have a great feel for the game offensively. His moves are still robotic, doesn't have great awareness and his touch is lacking. IMO, he'd be better served as an athletic finisher/garbageman, who sets big screens and crashes the glass. He seems intent on forcing his offense though.

From what I've seen Hayward has made the most progress in his game followed by Kanter. Hayward's improved his shot-creating ability, looking more fluid after he bulked up a bunch last. Kanter's the most talented player offensively on the team. His mid-range jumper looks really good but hopefully he doesn't fall in love with that shot, since he's also a good low post player as well. If Favors gets more touches and shots than Kanter then that'd be a huge mistake.

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Am I the only one interested

Am I the only one interested why they seem to be starting Richard Jefferson over Alec Burks? I mean, what's the purpose in that? Practicing Burks to be a sixth man? Just curious what you guys think the purpose is in it. I would imagine you'd want to get a lot of chemistry between your core young guys as much as you can. I'm sure if the Jazz get Wiggins or Parker in the draft Burks would move to sixth man and Hayward would be the 2, so that could obviously be their plan.

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I think Favors will probably

I think Favors will probably score a little more, and Enes may rebound a little more, but pretty good projections for them.

I think Hayward is going to surprise a lot of people. He's going to have the ball in his hands more than anyone and probably will but up in the ball park of 16-18ppg 5rpg and 4apg.

Alec Burks looks like he is an ideal 6th man and can put up points. I can see him breaking into the starting lineup but will probably start off as the 6th man so they can have a scoring punch off the bench. I can see him averaging around 14-15ppg, 4rpg, 3apg, and 1.5spg in 28mpg.

Trey Burkes looked good.. Unlike Derron Williams he's probably going to start from day one. I think he averages around 10-12ppg 3rpg 4.5apg and 1.1spg in his rookie campaign.

Jeremy Evens will finally get a chance to be a full time back up to Favors this year, and i think he deserves it. He's gotten stronger, and his jump shot is much improved. I see him averaging 5ppg, 5rpg, and 1-1.5bpg in around 18mpg.

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In their first preseason game

In their first preseason game I really liked how Favors looked, he showed more aggression than before and that said I think he will have a good yr, scoring will still be troublesome for him, he only shot 4 for 11, I do think that will improve as he learns what works best for him, it will take a little time. I see Favors scoring 14 to 15 per. I loved how Favors was dominating the boards and hope he keeps that aggressive attitude up. Kanter's offense is his strength and I think he will prove to be a dependable scorer, I think he will score around 16 to 17 pts per. Kanter has other things he has to improve on, mostly on defense and some of those things could effect his minutes. Hayward is the leader and stabilizing force on this team and I think he will average about 16 to 17 per, Burks is perfect as a 6th man, he loves to be aggressive on offense and playing with the second unit will allow him to be as aggressive as he likes, 14 pts to 15 pts per. Burke, he should get a lot of minutes and I can see him averaging 13 to 14 per but his shooting percentage will be below 40 percent IMO, I . really like Evans and hope he has a great yr, he is showing signs of improving and gaining confidence which for him is criticle, he is still so skinny and light weight that he will struggle defensively but he's stronger than he was and better able to fight, I think he will get more minutes maybe around 15 minutes and 7 pts per. Youth is being given their chance and winning will be difficult but I think this team will win more than a lot of people think, that said low to mid 30's in wins will probably be the result.

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so, from a Jazz fan

so, from a Jazz fan perspective, I'm really high on our bigs, but less so on the swingmen.

Favors can play defense and rebound, so every point he gets is a bonus. I like your 11+12 statline (maybe a shade less than 3 blocks), and I think given a few years of this responsibility, there's no reason that can't jump to 16+12, 18+12, that sort of region.

Kanter, again, can score the ball and I like your projection- I'll be very interested to see how the court spacing is with the two of them though, as realistically, neither possesses a great jump shot at this point. But both are huge assets in this league.

Burke I like at 10p 5a, and I think he has the potential to grow, although not sure where his ceiling is.

but... Hayward and Evans I'm not sold on.

Hayward can play, but I can't see him as a first, second or third option on a team that goes deep into the playoffs. I think his ceiling on this Jazz team is maybe 16+4+4, 18+4+4, and if he went to a Championship team, he'd probably float around the 10ppg mark.

Burks really needs to break out this year, but I'm not sure that he's going to. Potentially 7-8ppg, lousy shooting percentages, and plenty of turnovers.

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I think they are maybe

I think they are maybe starting Richard Jefferson over Alec Burks just from an experience point of view. The starting line up has lost Millsap and Jefferson which performance wise I hope that Kanter and Favours will replace but with the first two a lot of NBA experience went off the team, so Coach Corbin wants an experienced head in Jefferson in his starting five.

This is a big year for both Kanter and Favours, they have looked promising when they got minutes but both now get to start and play over 30mpg. If the Jazz can get Andris Biedrins back to some sort of form then the loss of Jefferson and Millsap goes a fair way to being covered and they have a Rudy Gobert as a nice longtime prospect.

Coach Corbin will be able to bring Trey Burke along and with Jerry Sloan back on the staff as an advisor, the likes of Trey has a great mentor who can watch and advise on their game away from the bench. Ty Corbin and his staff do the day to day stuff, get the rotations, plays etc, develop Burke that way but Jerry Sloan can watch on and if he sees little things these can be pointed out to Trey or Ty and worked on. Also I'm sure that a call to John Stockton to have a few chats with Burke could be arranged.

I think Utah will be around .500 this year, whether that makes the play offs or not I don't know but this year is much more about positioning the team and developing it long term.

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They have no #1 option. Their

They have no #1 option. Their coaching is really bad. Their PG position is a huge question mark as Burke is not ready to be a starter yet and they have no other good options. They have very little ball-handling, little shot creation, no veteran leadership (Jefferson is not a leader), their bench is weak and inexperienced. Favors does not look improved. Offensively, he looks as bad as ever, yet he seems committed to forcing his offense. Kanter can score but he's not a #1 option because he doesn't read doubles well yet. Favors and Kanter seem to be competing for touches instead of playing off of each other. Hayward's better equipped as a lead scorer, but ideally he's a 3rd offensive option on a good team.
I don't even think they'll need to tank. I think they'll be really bad without even trying. Vegas has the Jazz projected to win 27 games. I think I'd take the under.

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Why is Burke not ready to be

Why is Burke not ready to be a starter? Because he struggled in the summer league and a few preseason games? He was the national POY and was viewed as 1 of the most NBA ready players from the draft class. Burke is as NBA ready as any point guard drafted in the last few years and should still be considered 1 of the favorites for ROY

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Most rookie PGs aren't ready

Most rookie PGs aren't ready to be starters their first yr and Burke is no exception. It is quite simply the hardest position in the NBA to learn. Opposing PGs are trying to speed him up and he looks completely overwhelmed. Trey's struggles go far beyond his shot not falling. IMO, he's gonna need a period of adjustment to get accustomed to the speed of the game. He also needs to figure what he can and can't do at this level. He's going to have to adjust to not having the same type of freedom and spacing that he had in college, especially with the Jazz' personnel (paint will likely be clogged and they're lacking shooters). I'm a Burke fan, but I know he's not ready to be a starter. He might be forced into a starting situation because their other options are weak, but I expect big time struggles for him this yr.

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I am not a jazz fan, but is

I am not a jazz fan, but is anyone else disappointed that they virtually gave away Jefferson and Millsap ?

There were rumours all year about trading at least one of them but nothing happened and they both just walked away.

They could of got at least a mid / late first rounder from a playoff team looking to contend.

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