Jazz vs Spurs

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Jazz vs Spurs

If the Jazz dont pull it together soon and lose tonight on national t.v. or for that matter get blown out like they did last night. I think it will just be a matter of time before then Jazz make a trade. One player that i havent heard mentioned that much in trade rumors lately is Rip Hamilton. Maybe because he isnt producing that well. Or because he's aging. bottom line is he's unhappy. The Pistons have made it clear they dont want him. Having him come off the bench and sometimes not play at all, on a losing team. He's still got atleast two more good years left in him. Why not bring him to Utah? Deron will set him up with good looks, and running off screens is right up his ally and is a big part of the Jazz ofence.

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I would not mind having Rip

I would not mind having Rip with Utah. He plays great D. He can shoot and could probably help CJ Miles even more. The only thing Id be worried about is if he plays like Raja Bell. Some days he's off, some days he's not. The only problem is how would Utah get him. He has a huge contract so you'd have to give either a huge contract for him (Ak or Memo) or a bunch of little contracts. Utah is not giving AK for him because AK is basically irreplaceable and he adds so much to the team. Not Miles because he is the bench scorer and Utah will always need that. The only thing that is left is to trade Memo for him, which Detroit would never accept. I really don't think Utah has the trade assets to get Rip unless they are willing to give up AK or CJ for him which should not do because those 2 add a lot to the team.

Utah should try and go for Rudy Fernandez or Brandon Rush. Both teams are asking for a low price (like Raja Bell) and they score very well. I know Fernandez wanted out of Portland at the beginning of the season and I really wanted him to come to Utah. He can shoot well, does what the coach ask and plays defense not great like Bell can but I know with Sloan as his coach he could develop that kind of D. He isn't exactly the 2 guard you would want alongside D-will but there's no way Utah is getting Mayo or Iggy or Rip. Trade for Fernandez and Elliot Williams by giving up Bell then in this year's draft draft Buford or Hamilton and Utah will be set at the 2 guard.

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