Jazz sign Summer League stand out Ian Clark

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Jazz sign Summer League stand out Ian Clark

The Utah Jazz have signed undrafted rookie Ian Clark to a two year deal with the second year being a team option. Clark average 18.4ppg at Belmont as a senior and made it onto the NBA radar with a good summer league, which included a 33 point performance in the first ever summer league championship game.

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He really stood out in

He really stood out in Orlando. Didn't get as many minutes for GSW as they were getting some of their roster guys work, but he made the most of his minutes.
I don't know if he can run an offense as a point. Seems like a smart kid who can handle some PnR, but he's a pretty basic ball-handler otherwise, didn't see much creative passing either. What he can do is really shoot the 3 ball and he can defend. "3 and D" seems to be the term du jour that's associated with wings, but if there is such thing as a PG version, he's one of those. Glad to see he got rewarded for his play.

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Should be a good competition

Should be a good competition for the back up point guard spot between Clark and Mcneal in Utah, i think they should still bring in a veteran point guard to help Burke develop in my opinion

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The Jazz did bring in John Lucas a few days ago although I don't know if he's the right fit for the veteran point guard mentor to Trey Burke.

The Jazz could always give John Stockton a call to see if he work for them by helping with Trey Burke specifically.

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I don't know how it will play

I don't know how it will play out for Clark, but he has done everything possible to play himself into this spot. He was in a tough spot at such a small school at Belmont but excelled there, was great in Portsmouth (All-Tournament team), and stood out in the summer league. It is nice he is getting a shot this fall as some guys who don't have the "NBA prospect" tag still fall through the cracks. Still, it is frightening to look at the Jazz roster.

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