Jazz - Lotto 5 starters

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Jazz - Lotto 5 starters

Jazz this coming season will likely have all five starters coming from lottery picks from recent drafts ( 2010, 2011, 2012).

PG - Trey Burke (2012 draft pick #9)
SG - Alec Burks (2011 draft pick #12)
SF - Gordon Hayward (2010 draft pck #9)
PF - Derrick Favors (2010 draft pick #3)
C - Enes Kanter (2011 draft pick #3)

How good can this team be? and who is the best player or 1st option this squad?

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Burke 2013* I think most if

Burke 2013*
I think most if not all of them need a couple years to fully develop. Having said that, I like Hayward and possible Kanter to be their top scoring options

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That lineup doesnt Scare

That lineup doesnt Scare anyone!!! Too Inexperienced and too unproven.....Who will be the Go to guy? Hayward is talented,but hasnt proven he can be the type of takeover guy they will need....

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I really like Trey Burke,but

I really like Trey Burke,but it might take him at least half the season to adjust to the nba...They are going to really miss Millsaps & Jefferson's experience.......

Even though i suspect that Kanter,Hayward and Favors numbers to increase some...I still expect them to be among the 5 worst teams next season....

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I assume management would be

I assume management would be pleased if this happened

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They know they aren't making

They know they aren't making the playoffs this year. They are wanting to let the young guys gain some experience and try and get that one extra young piece in the draft.

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They definetly need some

They definetly need some vets. Hayward is a keeper for them. Favors and Kanter could be kept depending on the price and how they perform this season. Burks is the odd man out imo. They should draft Julius Randle and sign Jamaal Crawford or Sefolosha, making Favors expendable.

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Call me crazy but Burke is

Call me crazy but Burke is the best player on their team in 2013. In actual on court time and in clutch situations his experience is greater than any of these guys except maybe Hayward.

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Marvin Williams will be

Marvin Williams will be starting and Jazz has options at shooting guard.

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The Jazz aren't going to win

The Jazz aren't going to win a lot of games next season, but they're one of the teams I'll be watching on NBA League Pass.

Gordon Hayward is the most logical choice to lead the team in scoring. He started 27 games last season and was 3rd in scoring behind Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap. With those two gone, along with Mo Williams and Randy Foye, Hayward will be expected to be more aggressive looking for his own scoring opportunities and creating for others.

I think Hayward, Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter will start. I don't know who else will start.

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Marvin Williams will be out

Marvin Williams will be out for several weeks , if not more to start the season, he is rehabbing from surgery, the starting line up will be Kanter, Favors, Hayward, Burks & Burke, the FO and coaches want Hayward and Favors to take the lead and to start with that is how it will play out but I think Kanter will prove to be the best , most reliable scorer, he is just a natural scorer, his history with Turkey shows that. I think Hayward will prove to be the leader and probably the 2nd leading scorer, Favors will try at first to prove he can be the go to guy offensively but I think he will struggle in that role and will eventually settle in on being 3rd in scoring but will be the anchor of the defense. I think Trey Burke will struggle, most rookie points guards do, he is a winner and has the make up to succeed but it will take time. Burks is a slasher, and likes to shoot but needs to prove he has a consistent outside game, my biggest problem with Alec is he doesn't look to pass, he can penetrate and break the D down but he doesn't find the open man, he hopes for a foul or he chucks it up. The Jazz bench doesn't look too good and with the youth of this team and no bench 30 to 35 wins looks likely. Big questions exist but that is what the Jazz FO and coaches are hoping to get answers to this year. Put these kids out there and see what they will do.

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Myself, along with many others, were calling for the trade of Jefferson and Milsap for a very long time. Utah was so dumb for not moving and getting nothing in return for both players. That subject is pointless now but I am so excited to see Favors and Kanter get more minutes, especially Favors. I was head over heals for Favors and Paul George in 2010 and have been waiting for Favors to get his opportunity. I think Favors will have quite a few all-defensive team selections after his career is over. Showed some ability to step out last year along with an expanding post game.

As far as the rest of their roster.... I think they will be in contention for Andrew Wiggins. They will struggle to score a great deal, especially if Burke is getting major minutes. I am not a fan of their backcourt at all with him and Burks. Hayward is a really nice player and could possibly be in contention for MIP because he is the only one on that team that can score. Excited to see Brandon Rush healthy and playing again. Really liked what I saw from Gobert in the summer league but he will need time to mature, but that length alone will make an impact.

If I was Jazz management my sole focus this season would be to develop Kanter and Favors and pound the ball in low.

It would be interesting to see what the Jazz would do if they got a top pick where Marcus Smart was the top player on their board. To me Burke would make a nice backup but I don't want him as my lead guard with that combination of a lack of size and quickness. Everyone seems to love Trey on this site but I never saw it.

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