Jazz fan in mass depression...

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Craig Sager

you're too harsh! LOL

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Cyclo, how do you feel

Cyclo, how do you feel wingspan and standing reach affect a center's ability. And how does height matter more than either of those two measures? (since you're so keen on only talking about how short he is.)

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Are you aware that Cole

Are you aware that Cole Aldrich was 6'11 IN SHOES? And that even though he has on shoes with big soles at the combine, he's still likely to be 6'10 with normal shoes? And are you aware that he's got a nearly a 7'5 wingspan?

Or are you just saying he's 6'9 to prove a point.....that's not even a true point, for the sake of an argument? Just remember that you don't play ball barefoot in the NBA, and remember that length and lower-body strength are more important than wingspan and vertical leaping height. It's about how quick he can jump up, use his length, and alter and/or block shots.

And PLEASE don't put up those mindless stats that you copy and paste every time. It makes you look pretty retarded honestly. Notice how everybody is criticizing you when you do that?

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Haha, thats funny, you've

Haha, thats funny, you've never seen him play, and I've never mentioned Nick Collison in this arguement. Congratulations, you looked up Nick Collison on

You say, " I don't know anything about scouting a player because I can know it all without ever seeing him play, Aldrich looks like Montross so he must be the next Montross.''

Explain Dejuan Blair who is 6'5.25'' in socks and Taj Gibson, Gibson's dimensions and athletic ability are very similar to Aldrich and he averaged 9 and 7 for a playoff team.

answer xbadger hustler's question on wingspan

you've never seen him play, teams that worked him out and saw him in person and in games rank him as a lottery pick. If numbers were everything there would only be the combine and!

Eddie House averaged more ppg his last year in college than Michael Jordan. By your system, that should mean House is a better scorer than Jordan. You use your system to attempt to prove your point, but then when i use the same system to refute it and you tell me to stop comparing Aldrich to Mutombo or Robin Lopez, but by your system they are very similar.

Why is a freak athlete like Stromile Swift out of the league and why is Joel Pryzbilla a valueable player and interior defender 10 years later? Have you ever played or watched basketball? There are some guys who are good that don't look like it or don't measure up, but they tear it up! I can't wait til next season when Aldrich is dropping 7 ppg 7 rpg and 1.5 blocks as a rookie and Whiteside is jacking shots from the perimeter and riding the pine.

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I think Babbit is our guy.

THats just the feel i am getting. We have been hi on him all year. And Maybe trade next years pick to move up and take that banger type player in orton or sanders, or even alabi

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Now you're being stupid

Don't be stupid.

My system does not say "Eddie House should be a better scorer than Michael Jordan" or anything like that.

Player evaluation is not all about stats. It's about physical ability, size, skills and stats. I've used all of those aspects to refute Cole Aldrich as a starting C prospect. Aldrich just doesn't have 'what it takes' to be a successful starting C in the NBA.

Taj Gibson has ideal height and length for an NBA PF. An undersized PF like Dajuan Blair can project well as a backup PF in the NBA if he has the physical ability, strength and skills.

As a starting C prospect for the NBA, Cole Aldrich doesn't project well.

He's undersized:
6'9" in socks.

He's unathletic:
23 inch no step vertical, 28 inch max vertical

He's isn't strong enough to make up for his lack of height and athleticism:
Just 10 reps on the bench press -- same as Gordon Hayward.

He cannot score:
College career: 9.4 points per game.
Final college season: 11.3 points per game.

He's a worse offensive player than Eric Montross and Joel Pryzbilla were in college... and like Montross and Pryzbilla, he doesn't have the skills or the physical ability to ever become a better offensive player. Aldrich is what he is. A career backup C in the NBA. A scrub.

Aldrich measured just 6'9" in socks, which is shorter than Troy Murphy and Channing Frye.

Troy Murphy 6'9.75"
Channing Frye 6'9.5"
Cole Aldrich 6'9"
Nick Collison 6'8.75".

He's also less athletic than Troy Murphy, Channing Frye and Nick Collison.

No Step Vertical:
Troy Murphy 28.5 inches
Nick Collison 28 inches
Channing Frye 27.5 inches
Cole Aldrich 23 inches

Max Vertical:
Troy Murphy 34.5 inches
Nick Collison 33 inches
Channing Frye 31 inches
Cole Aldrich 28 inches

Doesn't have the height.
Doesn't have the athleticism to make up for his lack of height.
Doesn't have the strength to make up for his lack of athleticism.
Offensive skills of Montross/Pryzbilla, possibly worse. Ouch!

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