Jaylen Fisher, albino player from 2016

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Jaylen Fisher, albino player from 2016

So I was looking at future150's class of 2016 rankings and when I went up and down the list I saw a guy (who at first I thought was white). I just happened to click on his profile, and to my astonishment realized he was actually an albino african-american player. He's listed as a point guard and at 6'0". I don't now much about him, but then I came to realize how amazing it would be if he made it to the NBA. I would imagine his story would be similar to Charlie Villanueva, who suffers from a disease called alopecia universalis, which basically means he has no hair on his body. So in short, I'm kinda now rooting for this kid to be successful, just to see how inspirational he could end up being. Here's his profile:

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Looks like a blonde Blake

Looks like a blonde Blake Griffin

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Good luck to him

Like to see players to get a oppertunity. Hopefully he doesn't Royce White it.

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Cause there's definitely a correlation between being Albino and having severe anxiety when flying....

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check him out

the kid actually looked solid...excellent playmaker. He's the extremely light PG lol.

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Uhhhhh What does him being


What does him being Albino and Royce White having a disorder have anything to do with each other?

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