Jayhawks this year?

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Jayhawks this year?

Worried for my jayhawks this year...the lost alot of talent. Should be an interesting seasons and my expectations are low. What do others thing about the Jayhawks chances this year?

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pretty good chances. read

pretty good chances. read Jnixon's write up for them from last week he really goes in depth and covers every player on their team well. My thoughts are, Robinson is a beast, Taylor is clearly their second best player, and Tharpe and Mclemore will have nice freshman seasons. They will probably compete with Baylor for the Big 12 title and I think they have elite 8 upside but sweet sixteen is more realistic.

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they also have probably the most difficult schedules this year also. First of all they are in a loaded Maui field then have games versus Kentucky and Ohio State.

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Once again Kansas should have

Once again Kansas should have another great year..After losing Alrich,Henry & Collins the previous season,not many expected them to be among the nation's elite...The Morris twins worked hard and improved their games and became 1st round picks..

Kansas is going to miss their role player Tyrel Reed more than they will the Morris Twins...He was the glue guy,hit big shots and his outside shooting allowed the stars to be stars,while he did the little things...

Despite Baylor having more talent than the Jayhawks i expect Kansas to win the Big 12....

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