Jay-z agent

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Jay-z agent

Jay-Z is giving up his small ownership percentage in the Nets. He is doing this because he wants to become a major part in the world of sports management. He has already signed Baseball player Robinson Cano and football player Victor Cruz. By not having ownership in the nets he can start to pursue basketball players.
Assuming all the Necessary things are done before the draft do you see a player in this years draft signing with his agency company of maybe one of this years free agents?

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i read that

saw he already has a client. Hope he has a god team around him - rapper Master P was a agent or had an agency back in the days

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I dont understand.

I dont understand what's going on.
He wants to be an NBA agent, for what?.... What did he sign Victor Cruz for?

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He wants to or has started a

He wants to or has started a sports agency for the NFL and NBA. He's basically building his brand, we all know Jay-Z's hustle never stops and this is another way for him to make money and market himself. Props to him.

Not sure how successful he'll be but the signing of Victor Cruz sounds like he's trying to snag a few N.Y. players to start

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