jay billas suggests elimnating automatic bids to conference champs.

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jay billas suggests elimnating automatic bids to conference champs.

Jay Bilas writes:

"Ever since Murray State tumbled unexpectedly to Tennessee State, the bubble talk began to swirl around the Racers. Suddenly, a team that previously was undefeated and ranked in the top 10 of the polls might need to walk a tightrope in the conference tournament just to make the NCAA tournament field. To me, this is silly. Silly not because the Racers are tournament locks in my mind but because they belong in the field and their exclusion would point directly to a serious flaw in the way we decide the national championship.

Murray State is clearly one of the 68 best teams in the nation and has proved as much in the course of its nonconference schedule with wins against Memphis, Southern Miss, Dayton and UAB. The Racers sit at No. 55 in the RPI, No. 46 in ESPN's BPI and an even loftier No. 29 in my Bilas Index. This team is good and belongs in the bracket. That it might miss the NCAA tournament altogether illustrates the problematic nature of the automatic bid and how it hurts, not helps, competitive programs outside of the major conferences.

In fact, the more I consider how the automatic bid affects the fairness of the NCAA tournament, the more I am convinced that automatic bids should be eliminated altogether."

Okay, first off this example of murray state missing the tournament seems highly unlikely and an odd example. They are stil ranked top 25 and currently sit at 26-1 (25-1 at the time of the article being written). I highly doubt if they lose another game or two and fail to win their conference tourny they will be left out.

And he later in the article suggests that by approving every conference champ of an invite, you are actually hurting the mid major landscape becasue many schools who are currently left out are solid mid major programs that dont get recognition enough to earn at large bids. UHM, WHat? You honestly want to argue argue jay that by eliminating auto bids to confernce champs that we would be HELPING the mid major scene? You really think so? Yeah, im willing to bet we will see those big sky and sunbelt, and NEC etc. conferences get left out completely while we get to see every .500 team from the big east and acc get an invite.

I like seeing small schools with little chance of winning get the opportunity to put themselves on the map for a little while and possibly pull off an upset and add to the madness. I believe winning the conference tournament should be awarded more so then having a solid but unspectactular season where you lost 10+ games, even if you are the better team.

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Wow its bad enough high

Wow its bad enough high recruits show little to NO interest at all in small schools, or mid majors(and yes im lowballing) now he suggests they eliminate the automatic bid, i get every year some teams that should go are left out but REALLY??? whos fault is that? the commitee should make better choices but to basically blame it on small schools is pure stupidity, the best part of march madness is the upsets and cinderella stories.

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Murray State is not gonna

Murray State is not gonna miss the tourny. They can't afford to lose 2 more games like you suggested if they want to be confident they get a spot, but they probably won't lose 2 games anyway. They should make the tournament unless they have a meltdown and drop their next 3 games, which isn't gonna happen.

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What happened to the madness that is March?

Yes, I agree that saying that Murray State is a bubble team is completely idiotic and it would take a complete idiot to not put them in the tournament. But lets not try and eliminate the madness that is March by eliminating the automatic bid for the conference champ.

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