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POSTERIZED Bogut just a few minutes ago. I know this has been debated about a billion times on these forums, but I still think if he develops any sense of general b-ball IQ, what a scary player. He's like the Adrian Peterson of the NBA, in that he makes me question his humanity based on the freakishly athletic things he does during games. As up and down as he can be, and as bone-headed as he can be, I love watching him.

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Dude is a freak of nature,

Dude is a freak of nature, he's still young as well, he still has alot of untapped potential.

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no AP

but proly Jonatan Ogden of NBA

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you can't just magically gain a great basketball IQ

he's as dumb as rocks and won't get much better than he is already.

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could not agree more

LOL, couldnt agree more. I love the optimism that everyone has regarding Javale, but the reality is the guy isnt too sharp and you just cant teach someone to not be dumb. Javale is going to be Javale and that is what we love about him. He'll have his moments here and there like tonight but overall one cannot expect too much more from him.

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