Jason Kidd - Rumor

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Jason Kidd - Rumor

Freshly retired NBA star Jason Kidd is pursuing the Brooklyn Nets' head coaching job and his candidacy has been discussed within the highest levels of the organization, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Kidd has been talking with associates about the possibility of making the immediate leap from a Hall of Fame playing career to a head coaching job, and has been working to identify a staff of assistant coaches who could help him overcome the significant learning curve, sources said.
The Nets have considered Indiana Pacers associate head coach Brian Shaw as their top target for the vacancy, but are competing with the Los Angeles Clippers and Denver Nuggets to secure him.
Kidd still has strong ties within the Nets' organization that he revived with consecutive NBA Finals appearances (2002 and '03). After 19 seasons in the league, Kidd retired last week after one season with the New York Knicks.
Before Kidd signed a free-agent deal with the Knicks, he considered re-joining the Nets as a backup to star point guard Deron Williams. Kidd and Williams have a strong relationship and share an agent.
Kidd retired as a 10-time All-Star, and second behind John Stockton in career assists and steals. He's considered one of the most intelligent players the sports history.

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That would be cool. It's

That would be cool. It's worth a shot.

Lionnel Hollins would be a good pick too.

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It'll be great for the

It'll be great for the organization if they give the newly retired Kidd their head coaching job..Not only is he respected through out the league..He's 1 of the brightest basketball minds ...And he rejuvenated that from laughing stock to NBA Finals........The Knicks made a mistake of not hiring Mark Jackson after he retired..And lobbied openly for the job...They might be so much better if they had hired Jackson....The Nets should give Kidd,Brian Shaw or Sam Cassell a shot.....

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He's a great player but cmon,

He's a great player but cmon, he doesn't have any type of coaching experience. He'll need a couple of years as an assistant before he can even consider being a head coach.

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you my good sir

are wrong. I would like to think jason kidd was a coach on the court during his career.

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I think this is ridiculous.

I think this is ridiculous. He needs to put in time as an assistant for a few years so that he is fully prepared. Being a coach and being a vet player are not the same thing contrary to popular belief and he still has some grooming to do before he should take a role of this magnitude. If he screws up for being too underprepared he may not get another shot as it. Shit, Patrick Ewing has been trying to get a head coaching job forever.

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IMO the Nets

IMO the Nets are a team that wants to become a powerhouse in the East, would they really bank on an inexperienced coach to steer that? I'm sure Kidd can coach an NBA team but it could be a very damaging experience for him if it doesn't work out.

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Why not?

Mark Jackson was never an assistant coach nor had any head coaching experience whatsoever before he was granted the Warriors head coaching job, why cant J. Kidd do the same?

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