Jason Kidd and Nets negotiating 3 year Head Coach contract

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Jason Kidd and Nets negotiating 3 year Head Coach contract

Multiple sources are reporting that Jason Kidd is all but chosen by the Brooklyn Nets to coach the squad starting next season, with a 3 year deal being negotiated. As Nets fan i'm incredibly excited about this, it brings a lot of nostalgia of the Kidd-Carter-Jefferson days. Given the coaching talent made available I'm hoping that Brooklyn has picked Kidd for his ideas and direction for the team without being too blinded by the esteem he has as a player. The guy was a floor general though and I have few doubts he will have a problem adjusting to coaching. Brian Shaw is to be interviewed today, though unfortunately it seems unlikely he will attain the position.


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That's great for him.

That's great for him. Hopefully he does well and becomes a great coach in the NBA.

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He told a radio talk show

He told a radio talk show that if he becomes the new coach..He will hire Lawrence Frank to be his top assistant....Kidd has a great mind for basketball...i'm eager to see what type of system he will run.....

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I think this is a great move

I think this is a great move for Kidd and the Nets...But he must hire an amazing staff. He needs people with NBA coaching experience. I also wonder how hard he will be on D Will?

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I Pray he has some

I Pray he has some success..Becuz there have been alot of Hall of Fame Caliber players that havent made great coaches..

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Am I the only one who thinks

Am I the only one who thinks this is a disaster waiting to happen? He was a smart player for sure, but does he have any coaching experience? Every coach who has ever been hired is knowledgeable of the game, so I'm not sure what made him emerge as a viable candidate except for his name.

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They have been alot of guys

They have been alot of guys that would've made good coaches after they retired......But owners felt they werent ready..I'm Happy to see they are willing to at least give Kidd a shot right away.......

Just look at all of the ''experienced'' coaches that got there teams in the playoffs this yr and now they're looking for

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Can anyone recall if there

Can anyone recall if there has been another situation like this before? NBA player retires and gets named as a NBA head coach before the next season starts. Pretty impressive.

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I think he should be

I think he should be player/coach, give them about 5 minutes a game as the backup PG..that we be boss..

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I think he at least needed to

I think he at least needed to be an assistant, he has always been a great mentor and many players including, Deron Williams, like/respect the guy a lot.

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This reminds me a little of

This reminds me a little of when Avery Johnson played, and then coached the Dallas Mavericks. Avery didn't have that much experience, but I think he did a decent job when he was in Dallas. Avery coached the Nets, and that was a disaster, so I hope Kidd can do better. I know he won't be the same type of coach that Avery was (at least I hope), but I'm interested in seeing what kind of offense he will run. I also think this is great for Dwill. He needs to put his ego in line, and maybe being under the tutelage of one of the greatest pg's of his era will help to put his head on strait.

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To all the Doubters

I understand he has no experience, but anybody remember a guy that recently took a perennial loser and took them deep in the playoffs with 3 rookie rotation guys? ....... Mark Jackson anybody?

Mark Jackson was a solid PG with great passing ability. Jason Kidd is one of the greatest PG's of all-time. He was the on-the-floor-coach, an extension of the coach on the court. Not saying he will be just like Mark Jackson as a coach, but Mark Jackson is a darn good coach and Jason Kidd could have the same opportunity with a pretty good roster of a playoff team.

I'm sure he will make an experienced former head coach his lead assistant (Lawrence Frank's name has already been tossed around).

I'm just saying...... don't count him out.

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i was thinking the same

i was thinking the same thing. i think the only difference between kidd and jackson (from what i know) is that jackson is a preacher. his motivational speeches are the $h.t from what I've hear when they play sound bytes on tv.

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Its true Mark Jackson had no

Its true Mark Jackson had no coaching experience before he got the GSW gig. But I do think this situation is different. Mainly because I feel like Kidd's itch to coach is a tad half-cocked and panicked. Like he doesn't know what to do with himself after retiring.

There was a major break between when Jackson retired and when he started coaching. As mentioned in another reply, he was a preacher and made a life outside of the game for years. I think it's important to have some time to collect yourself after retiring. Kidd was a player less than a month ago- being a coach demands a completely different attitude.

Mark Jackson was eased into job a little more also because he was surrounded by basketball coaches and team managers during his tenure as a color commentator.

Again, I think Kidd could make a great coach. Rick Carlisle was fascinated by his bball knowledge, and I think we can all agree that Carlisle is a top-tier coach in the league. I'm just a little uncomfortable with Kidd jumping into coaching when he was a player just a month ago.

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Here is my rant on the J Kidd

Here is my rant on the J Kidd to Nets, and why I am excited to see it happen, besides the obvious transition to new era players becoming coaches. Alright so as a kid I loved listening to the CP3 vs. DWill comparisons. It was the first resurgence of PG's in the league it felt like. DWill was leading his Utah team deep in the playoffs and they seemed to be a constant Western Conference Finals threat, he was being considered a better/more well rounded player than Chris Paul, who had only won a series or 2 w/ the Hornets???.....Classic ESPN jumping the gun. You never really know what you have in a player until he is in the late 20's of his career. Until then any number of things can change, b/c these guys are so young and learning how the business is run on the fly. As a 21 year old I find it funny when people consider 25 year old players to be seasoned and mature based on their years in the league. I find that to be completely ridiculous. Yes by then they should know the ins and outs of the league, but in REAL LIFE they are still young and prone to bad decisions.

Since then DWill has been taking ego pills, and been more well known as a player who "wants" a bunch of things, but hasn't done much. He got his move to a bigger market to be "successful", which hasn't been close to reaching his previous success in Utah. Not to mention w/ LeBron, DRose, and now Indiana in the East there seems to be no room for a dysfunctional Nets team. To me those are some bad and reckless moves. I know he had problems with management in Utaht, but DWill was not the first player to run into management issues. Where am I going with this? I would love to see Kidd come in, and wipe DWill back into shape (literally). There is no reason why DWill was able to take his Utah teams to 4 consecutive playoff trips w/ only 1 exit in the 1st round from 2007-2010 and so far 1 pathetic playoof exit n Brooklyn. Obvious small sample size in Brooklyn still, but currently things do not look bright for them. Lets see if the CP3 vs. DWill will ever be a hot topic again....but I doubt it with the resurgence of PG's in the league.

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Retires...becomes a head

Retires...becomes a head coach the next week

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This is such a good idea. I'm

This is such a good idea. I'm so sick of the coaching recycle. Like Mo Cheeks has failed twice and now the Pistons want him? Get some new blood! I know it's baseball but look at Mike Matheny of the Cardinals and Robin Ventura in Chicago. Great hires the both. Few basketball minds right now rival J Kidd's. if you want a different example, I feel like Jaque Vaughn did a pretty solid job with an absolute terrible team and I think Kidd could be way better.

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Brian Shaw is just the "hot

Brian Shaw is just the "hot assistant" that can't land a head coaching job to save his life.

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Wow, Brian Shaw and Patrick

Wow, Brian Shaw and Patrick Ewing just can't catch a break.

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Jason Kidd was one of the

Jason Kidd was one of the greatest PG's ever and I forgot to acknowledge his retirement so appologies to the HOF lock. He obviously has a great tactical mind but to go straight into a high pressured head coaching job where the owner wants an instant return on his big investment is still a big step up. Luckily J-Kidd is one of the Nets greatest ever players so will have the fans on his side and surely he will help make D-Will an even better player but his choice of assistants will be crucial and hopefully he takes someone with major Head Coaching experience to help guide him or he appoints someone as an advisor who can watch the games away from the bench and then advise J-Kidd that way.

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