Jason Kidd

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Jason Kidd

I've watched a few Nets games this year, and Jason Kidd does not look like a coach. Terry Stotts was out of his seat yelling to his players last night while Jason Kidd sat on the bench just hoping for the best. Yes he is very experienced and has a high bball iq, but he doesn't seem like a very vocal head coach. I think Lawrence Frank and Kidd should trade roles.

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After 8 games?

After 8 games?

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There are times when you can

There are times when you can make a proper assessment after 8 games. Wouldn't take a GM 8 games to realize I can't play NBA basketball. Its not hard to tell Jason Kidd isn't doing his job.

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100 percent correct. He

100 percent correct. He should never gotten this job. This is built as a "win now" team with these veteran players. His line-ups are no good, he doesn't know when to call time outs, he blows leads. There is no reason ( even with all the injuries) that this should be a sub .500 team. He doesn't know how to motivate his players. He should have coached college first or been an assistant.

I mean , the Celtics are better than the Nets, that is pathetic. Also of their 3 wins , Utah ( lowly 1-11)was the only team that they beat by more than 2 points. This is Lakers 2012-13 all over again

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I think it was a dare to be

I think it was a dare to be great move. It seemed like it MIGHT have been a good hire at the time, but there was no way to tell since Kidd didn't have a coaching resume. I don't think he should have been a head coach in college, but he should have started out as an assistant imo. There is still 90% of the season to go and I think him and the Nets will figure it all out. Injuries has really held them back and once they start getting healthy I think we will see a different team.

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