Jared Cunningham Breakout Year?

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Jared Cunningham Breakout Year?

This kid is from Oakland like Damien Lillard and has the potential to be a great slasher/defender for the Mavs. He was hurt most of the season is this his chance to get some run next season?

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Breakout year in the D League.

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He's got gifts, he's crazy athletic. He should ask for a trade or something, he could be good in a different situation.

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What's wrong with his

What's wrong with his situation? It's not like Dallas has a loaded backcourt

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hmm kind of a random player

hmm kind of a random player to have a breakout season...i would be shocked if he overachieves next year

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I could see him bouncing

I could see him bouncing around the league/ D-League and possibly finding a fit on a playoff team a la Shannon Brown. If he's going to have a breakout year he's going to need minutes and the only way he's going to get those is if he becomes a ball-hawk on defense.

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I love his tools.. I would

I love his tools.. I would be shocked though of he finds much playing time next season.

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I like Cunninghan as a

I like Cunninghan as a prospect, but I don't see him getting much PT next year. Give him 2 or 3 years and he will be ready to breakout.

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If he tries to adjust into an

If he tries to adjust into an Avery Bradley type roll, I could see him getting some burn.

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He hasn't been doing well in

He hasn't been doing well in the D-league , even Dominique Jones has done well in the D-league
So it depends on your definition of break out ,does it means he can really improve? well he is one of the worst (if not the worst ) drafted players in last year draft ,so yes there a lot of room to improve
But if you think he is suddenly gonna be a player that every body notice?I doubt it
And I doubt it is the situation ,yes Mavs are awful place for young prospects ,but to be bad in our d-league team hasn't happened b4 him ,and he was getting playing time there

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He'd probably have a nice

He'd probably have a nice season coming off the bench for the bobcats or the magic but really no one else

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Hard to say, considering he

Hard to say, considering he didnt make much impact last year and Vince Carter is still there too.

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confidence is key with all

confidence is key with all young players. If he can get a good opportunity, and plays with confidence, he could breakout

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