JaQuan Lyle Commits to Louisville

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JaQuan Lyle Commits to Louisville

Top 20 player of 2014 commits to Louisville. How do you guys feel about this?

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Interesting choice for him

Interesting choice for him since they already have Quentin Snider committed from that class as well. They'll also likely be returning Chris Jones who will have 1 yr of eligibility left as well as Terry Rozier. All of who can play the point. Sounds like a logjam to me, but a good problem to have for Pitino.
With L'Ville, Lyle might be forced to play more off the ball since other guards are better at pushing the tempo (he's more of a controlled, change of pace handler). Lyle playing more off the ball makes his game sound less intriguing.

They were probably already on the outskirts, but this should officially take em out of the running for Mudiay.

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Wanted him for Indiana

but the backcourt was getting full. Maybe they can still land Trevon Bluiett and Dante Exum.

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I'm from Indy and honestly

I'm from Indy and honestly thought that he would go to Louisville, instead of IU. Every time I've seen him talk about Louisville after a visit, he just seemed to really enjoy it each time he was down there. I know most recruits will say that they really like a place, but it just seemed like Louisville was a special place for him. Plus Louisville is about as close to his hometown of Evansville as Bloomington is.

Speaking about him as a player, he's definitely got NBA potential but he should spend at least two or three years at Louisville first.

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