James Young enters NBA draft.

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James Young enters NBA draft.

good decision. should be a lotto pick.

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Hopefully this becomes a UK

Hopefully this becomes a UK domino effect.

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I actually thought there was

I actually thought there was a shot he would return but he should be a high pick and he may go even higher after workouts. Probably 10-15 range with an outside chance at top 10.

If he has a good work ethic I definitely see him as the steal of this draft. He could end up being a go to scorer in the right situation. He's very aggressive on offense and if he continues to get better at rounding out his game he hopefully won't end up as a JR Smith type player.

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Not surprising you think a

Not surprising you think a Kentucky player will be the steal of the draft. You aren't biased at all....

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More like the Kentucky Effect

Succeed and Proceed #chipsandmillions

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He didn't win any championships at UK. Runner-up ≠ Championship.

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He could use another year but

He could use another year but he's a likely 1st round selection.

Young plays an NBA style game, but he's pretty raw and has a sort of low basketball iq right now. But he's a solid athlete and he has the ability to simply hit shots no matter how his guy defends him at times.

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Love to See Him with.....

The Bulls. They need scoring so bad.

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I agree completely. The problem is if he gives the type of defensive effort he gave in college then Thibs would let him rot on the bench. I felt in the UK Louisville game in the tournament, that they played better when he was out because they brought in a better defender. Hancock had been abusing him off the dribble and that guy has the foot speed of my grandma. Him fouling out seemed to spark him the rest of the tournament though and he did play better.

With that said, most people like Randle better as an NBA prospect, but I think Young has a real NBA game that could be really nice IF he puts in the work and stays focus. I think he can come in right away and score. I don't ever think scoring will be an issue.

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another year would serve him

another year would serve him well but i really like his potential... wouldnt mind if detroit picks him up.. i just wish somehow some way we can trade josh smith which i highly doubt can happen... and if monroe re-signs which idk can happen... a front line of Drummond, monroe and young would be really good

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I'm glad Aran saw truth and

I'm glad Aran saw truth and moved him up on the mock. Him behind Stauskas was beginning to worry me. (I like Stauskas, but Young has a chance to be an all-star)

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James Young Career.

I see a Josh Howard type of career from James Young. Josh Howard was a one time all star, third option on a contender.
I don't see him as a good first option.

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Saw everyone of his games at UK

he can shoot you in or out of games, his defense and passing are terrible, so if he is not hitting shots send him to the bench.

He has the talent and athleticism to become a James Harden type scorer(not passer obviously), but I really fear for the team who drafts him.

If you have 2 picks he would be great risk/reward as the 2nd player you take, but odds are he is Marcus Thornton type for his first contract, he is that far behind as a defender.

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