James Young

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James Young

Let me start by saying that James Young is absoulutely my favrite prospect in this draft. I can watch him shoot jumpshots all day and in transition he is phenominal. he has a decent handle and finds his way to the rim and gets fouled creating easy points often. my problem with him is, like many Calipari prospects, he struggles with freethrows even though he is a good shooter. my second knock on him is the fact that, if you have watched Kentuckys games like i have, he struggles to finish through contact incredibly. as most freshman do, he has a lot of room to build his muscle and be able to power trough tough rim protectors but as it stands i see some things he needs to work on. When all is said and done i fully expect him to to be one of the top wing prospects in this draft, i was just hoping yall see what i have been seeing thus far this year.

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His handles will get better.

His handles will get better. Its weird to see a sg that is left handed actually be able to use his off hand. The most recent one I can think of is James Harden.

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James Young

I'm also very high on young and think that he will be one of the top players from this draft when it's all said and done. His jumpshot looks textbook even thought the early % show otherwise so I expect his percentages to go up. The thingsI like about him the most are his ability to defend and as for_ever_never stated his ablilty this finish with his left hand. Young has some very good traits to build upon and I think those things give him the potential to be an future all star one day with continued development.

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Hope he stays

Young is good just hope he stays to develop all his skills more bcuz the nba is getting bad and it's bcuz kids are Coming in and not giving time to develop example Jermey Lamb if he was in this years draft everybody would say he best SG coming out but as you can see now in the nba he not fully ready to contribute. So I think young is good but rushing to the nba wont help him fully ooo add Ben maclemore to that list of SG that needed to fully develop and the nba needs to get back to having talented skilled players

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1. You need to pay attention

1. You need to pay attention in English class.

2. Why would James Young stay another year? If he goes to the NBA, he can develop quicker than he would in college. It's not like he is a raw player headed to the d-league anyway, he is a lottery pick in my book. Plus he probably wants the money now.

3. Jeremy Lamb came out as a sophomore, nobody is going to stay four years if they are a sure lottery pick after two. Lamb isn't doing bad either; he's scoring off the bench like Okc wants him to.

4. You're judging Ben McLemore at age 20?

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Yeah Young is really good. I

Yeah Young is really good. I think hes top 10 and can be a really good three. My bro says he plays like Harden but I see Mike Redd

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Mike Redd with a 7 foot

Mike Redd with a 7 foot wingspan and better athleticism.

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Really like James Young. He

Really like James Young. He has a chance to be a really good pro. Silly smooth lefty Jumper and good athlete. Like most other young wings, needs to work on his ball-handling. I think Cal said he was there most impressive player in pre-season practice. Kid has a bright future.

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I said it all along I think

I said it all along I think he can Sneak into top 10 territory possibly higher with a tournament run.

Somebody posted they would like to see him go back to UK. Lol for what? Young is def not the type of guy that is going to get drafted just off his HS rank like some of UK's past recruits dude is legitamely proving he is one of the best talents of this class.

No way he will be in Lexington next year.

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James Young has about as much

James Young has about as much of a chance to return to Lexington than Randle. He's gone for sure.

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"purest stroke"


"silky smooth"

"52% TS"

one of these things, etc

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great stroke, but I don't

great stroke, but I don't like how he looks when he has to shoot off the dribble or his mid range game off the dribble. His efficiency seems to drop significantly when he isn't set. Reminds me of cj miles.

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The only thing I question

The only thing I question about him is his ability to guard other SG but besides that seem like the protypical NBA shooting guard.

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