James missed the Spanish national team career or end championships

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James missed the Spanish national team career or end championships

LeBron James

According to Yahoo Sports news, 2014 Basketball World Cup will be held in Spain, when Durant, Joachim Loew, who have announced plans to play for Team USA when LeBron - James can continue to put on the play has become a representative of Dream Team doubt, more experts pointed out that the "emperor" of the international career has already come to an end.

This year has been 28-year-old James would not have represented Team USA basketball superstar in Spain next year World Cup (World Championships), not only that, "Emperor" can play the 2016 Rio Olympics has also been marked by a big question mark, and This situation has also been a USA Basketball chairman Jerry - Colangelo confirmation. There were indications that Colangelo does not want to recruit James in the summer of next year played for the U.S. team, USA Basketball chairman could not give James a call.

Since 2004, James has followed the U.S. Olympic team played three times and won two gold medals and one silver medal achievements. For the current situation, Colangelo said: "By the time the next Olympics, James will be another three years old, he will also have their own children, it is likely that he will put more energy to the care of the whole family, he has fought three Olympic Games, although everyone knows that the end result will know only until before the game, but from the current situation, the answer is a resounding no. "

James Increasing age is an indisputable fact, and it also allows the "Emperor" needs more time to recover for three consecutive years have led the Heat to the Finals, James every year more than any other player fight game, Last season's "Emperor" at the London Olympics after playing 99 games, and in the end of the season, James addition to the need to participate in a range of commercial activities, but also preparing for his upcoming wedding. Colangelo admits: "James can play the 2016 Rio Olympics, but also the state of his time, but now through my observation, he was not ready, although I know in his state even to the age of 40 he can play. "

In addition to their own states, and now the U.S. team talent, James does not seem to need to continue to play, in Durant and Loew have announced plans to set off next year after the World Cup in Spain basketball, Durant publicly expressed hope that their friends Westbrook and Harden also be able to join Team USA. And at the last World Championships in Turkey, is by virtue of Durant's excellent play, the U.S. men's basketball team was finally able to win. For the case of James, Durant said: "He is getting older, the time for him, but also more and more precious."

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