James Harden Gets Traded To Houston Rockets!

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about two days too late

about two days too late

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My bad.

My bad.

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i mean, how good could you

i mean, how good could you say their chemistry really was?

if they complimented each other that well they would've started together. do you think. wade in OKC would've came out the bench just so thabo could start to 'defend the best players'. NO, even though his game doesn't compliment westbrook and durant game perfectly.

sure harden can shoot trees, but he is not a 'catch and shoot'-er. he runs the pick and roll and likes to get isolated. he doesn't have very good backdoor cuts or inside game (INSIDE GAME: NOT LAYUPS AND DUNKS)....

harden fits the mold of a combo guard. and a combo guard is not what suits ironman and durant

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I thought their chemistry was

I thought their chemistry was pretty good given Westbrook's shortcomings as a decision maker. Harden was a guy who can relieve some of the ball-handling and decision making duties off of Westbrook. He could also play off of them, hitting open jump shots and spreading the floor. He's an excellent catch and shoot guy so I don't know where you get the idea that he's not. ~15% of his possessions where spot up jumpers and he capitalized on them with elite efficiency (1.16 ppp on spot ups.)

Harden coming off the bench had nothing to do with chemistry problems. If they had chemistry problems then Harden would not have been closing out games with those 2. Coming off the bench had more to do with the roles of a team. It's pointless to bring a perimeter defensive specialist off the bench. The purpose of Thabo being in the starting lineup was to disrupt the rhythm of the opposing team's best perimeter offensive player and get them off to a tougher start. He couldn't exactly do that off the bench vs 2nd teamers. Meanwhile, Harden provided the scoring help that the Thunder needed in the 2nd unit.

IMO, Harden being traded had nothing to do with his fit on the team. It was a financial/ roster flexibility move.

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Also, if you missed it,

Dwight Howard was traded to the Lakers!

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