James Harden and the Star formerly know as TMac

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James Harden and the Star formerly know as TMac

While I was seeing how James Harden's season stats were compared to other two guards this season, I thought to myself, hmm how is Harden doing in his first year as a Rocket compared to McGrady's first season in Houston. What I found out was really surprising to me.

James Harden's 2012-2013 stats (so far) (age 23)

25.4 ppg, 5.3 apg, 4.5 rpg, 1.8 spg 43.6 FG%, 34.1 3pt%, 86.6 FT%

Tracy McGrady's 2004-2005 stats (age 25)

25.7 ppg, 6.2 rpg, 5.7 apg, 1.7 spg, 43.1 FG%, 32.6 3pt%, 77.4 FT%

I was really shocked to see how Harden's stats are holding their own to McGrady's in their first season with the Rockets and the reason I'm shocked comes down to two things. First, for a guy who literally had no time to accommodate himself to the city, organization, and his teammates, Harden has been really reliable for the Rockets. Second off, contrary to popular belief, Harden is not having to produce on the offensive end of the floor by himself. Four other Houston players are averaging in double figures in points and 3 others are averaging more that 8 ppg. I'm not saying that Harden will put up the career numbers like a healthy TMac did and a lot can happen from now til the end of the season, but if Harden keeps it up, people should begin to really see just how great and special of a player this guy has become is and continues to become.

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Wow, I didn't know Harden was

Wow, I didn't know Harden was this good; crazy how his numbers are slightly better when you compare them to TMac; I think in 3 years he will be te best shooting guard in the league barring injury and if he continues to work hard

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Since the trade

People all around were sayin he was not ready to carry a team and that he was best utilized as a sixth man!!! I always said this was non-sense , In high school he was a stud, in collegee he carried Arizona state in to the tournament ! He has always been a hidden super star ! the thing is he got over shadowed in OKC by Durant and Westbrook... The thing that most impresses me about his game is the amount of free throws he will atempt per game! He averages 10 free throws per game and pretty much knocks them all down. Love the fact he atacks the rim and has not fallen in lov with his jump shot! As I said a couple of days ago the only player in the decade with a chance to natch a scoring tittle from Kevin durant is him...

BTW : He better be an All Star this season

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Harden's percentages have

Harden's percentages have gone down (somewhat expected), but it was confusing to read the comments of so many people doubting him. It was clear this guy had what it took to be a star shooting guard in the NBA. I think too many people focused on his poor performance vs the Heat in the Finals. I never understood that either considering how young he was and playing in his first Finals appearance. People seemed to forget that he destroyed the Spurs just the round before.

I don't know if he's as good as T-Mac (I think T-Mac was a better post player, mid-range shooter and passer), but I think the sky is the limit for Harden. He really has all of the tools and skill you need to be a superstar.

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Who else is at SG for the

Who else is at SG for the West besides Kobe.

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A lot of people thought him

A lot of people thought him the third best shooting guard in the NBA as early as last year. His efficiency reminded many of a young Manu Ginobili, with his excellent court vision and passing, his ability break players down of the dribble and finish, and his shooting. He doesn't have the explosion of T-Mac which limits to an extent his potential. For example, I don't see Harden averaging 32 6-5 in a season ( I could be wrong on that... you never know). However, a he's less likely to fall off the way T-Mac did post injuries. He's a complete offensive talent. I know OKC didn't want to pay him... but they traded away a bonafide superstar.

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