James Blackmon Jr

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James Blackmon Jr

I just saw that Kentucky wasted no time in offering this guy. I watched youtube highlights and all I saw was 3's and dunks wide open. he didn't attack the basket once. is this really how he plays and what do yall think about his game? I also feel as if perimeter players are having a hard time of creating their own shots

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He's a shooter. One of the

He's a shooter. One of the best in his class. Although smart and a solid decision maker, he's more of an undersized 2 than a point or a combo. He's not that explosive and quite frankly, not much of an NBA prospect at this point unless he can become a dynamite combo guard in college. What he projects to be is a good college player, a core 3-4 yr player, which is something that Kentucky doesn't get many of. His dad played at Kentucky and he might be under the false impression that Kentucky PRODUCES great NBA prospects (the players they recruit would be great prospects wherever they'd go).
I think going to UK would be a mistake for him because he'd likely be recruited over.during his stay there.

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