Jamarcus Russell

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Jamarcus Russell

[Forget posting in a topic-appropriate section. It will never get seen there.] So, Jamarcus Russell had a tryout with the Bears the other day. Looks like he's hoping to resurrect his career. I hear he's discovered a new miracle pill that converts fat into decision-making skills.

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I've been keepin' up with his

I've been keepin' up with his comeback attempts (yes, there have been others) too. 'm really pulling for the guy. He had crazy potential coming out of LSU.

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the raiders messed that one

the raiders messed that one up. they could have had calvin johnson or adrian peterson who ironically are both the best players at their respected positions

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that's not irony

that's not irony

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The Irony is the drafted the

The Irony is they drafted the worst skill position player with the #1 pick, while in retrospect the two other players they could've taken in the draft are the best players at their position.

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Being a QB isn't like being a

Being a QB isn't like being a raw center in the NBA- You can't judge them off of physical measurements. Yea sure Jamarcus could sling it, and was big and hard to take down. Who cares? Being a quarterback is about accuracy, and more importantly decision making. Chad Pennington had a horrible arm but had a decent career because of his Fball IQ and accuracy. To summarize, he was a horrible draft pick never- never really had that much potential.

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Love this thread

I was a young NFL Draft evaluator in 07. I had Johnson, Peterson, and Russell 1-2-3 on my big board and thought that they were the most raw talented trio to ever come through ranked that high. The thought of Russell and McFadden teaming together was tantalizing. Too bad they played for the Raiders organization or else that could have been special.

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