jamal crawford to miami

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no, you dont have to be white to have an opinion. we like to play on here as well as talk basketball. but when you call people names, and try to talk yourself up people are going to dog u for it. your last couple of post were easy to understand and to be honest im impressed that you put aside what other people think because that is the point. people are going to disagree with you and you just have to point out why you feel the way you feel. so thank you for writing a post i could understand and i will gladly talk basketball with you. i disagree with what you said about jamal crawford and the heat, i think they have enough scoring and that chalmers will be more than enough point guard for that team. but i get what u r saying about him helping with ball handling and shooting but i think chalmers brings enough of that to the table for much cheaper and much less of an ego.

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