Jamaal Franklin vs Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
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Jamaal Franklin vs Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Those of you who have seen both players, how do the players compare? Franklin is shorter by 2 inches, but he has a similar standing reach and wingspan. They both have good athleticism.

Neither can shoot. Both have a great motor. Both are good rebounders. Both have good defensive potential. Both are good at driving and posting up.

I kind of thought that MKG was taken a little high in last year's draft. Will Franklin be drafted a little late, especially in a weak draft?

I think i'd still rather have MKG, but how do you think they compare?

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Bad comparison..MKG makes

Bad comparison..MKG makes Franklin looks like Ray Allen. MKG got alot of his baskets off hustle points. Franklin jacks up jump shots.

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Like I've said before, if

Like I've said before, if Franklin is taken by the Spurs, I think Popovich can mold him into Tony Allen 2.0. Might even improve his jumper like Kawhi did in SA

I think he can be a very good pro for whoever snatches him up. He'll be better than a lot of the guys chosen before him.

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pop can mold any player to

pop can mold any player to however he wants

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I like Franklins game a lot, He's a winner and does many things on the court that impact the score. Never understood why, other then his jumper, that he wasn't rated higher.

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he isnt rated higher because

he isnt rated higher because he is 6'5 and cant dribble

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I see Jamal Franklin more as

I see Jamal Franklin more as a Iman Shumpert type player, great defender who can dribble the ball up court but shouldn't run an offense, and can shoot the 3 ball

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^ Agree

Both athletic talented guards.
I like franklins rebounding

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He's not just ranked low

He's not just ranked low because of his lack of a jumper, he is ranked low mostly because of how ball dominant he is and how turnoverprone he is. Factor in a below a average shot selection and bad percentages and you get a dropped stock. He sort of reminds me of a more aggressive and athletic Evan Turner as far as how his role will fit into the NBA game.

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They are a little similar,

They are a little similar, but Kidd-Gilchrist has a much more polished overall game. Franklin is a jack of all trades player with athleticism, but ideally he wont be able to contribute in the different ways he was asked to at SDSU. Kidd-Gilchrist can actually do a little of everything efficiently and within the means of his actual true skill level. He has a better feel for what he can and cannot do on the court more so than Franklin, and that is the main difference more so than anything else.

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