Jamaal Franklin- Better off staying put?

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Jamaal Franklin- Better off staying put?

17ppg, 9rpg, 3apg , 1bpg, 1.6spg on 393FG%.... 1.2-4.7 3pa/3pm on .250 3FG% with 4tos
I use to be a huge Jamaal Franklin fan before I actually saw him play a game this year, he's just not a very good prospect and probably will not get drafted in the 1st round this year despite his athletic abilities.
It's weird to explain Franklin, he has skills, but at the same time, he's a raw player.
He's jacking up as many 3s as someone like CJ McCollum because despite having really nice handles in the break, where he uses his speed (one of the best in country -he was a track and field state high jumper and football player) to blow by everyone.
His handles in the half court leave a lot to be desired, very little to no Iso skills, and little shiftiness as well, which ultimately limit his ability as a slasher in the half court and force him to settle for a ton of bad shots, considering he is not a good shooter (at least this year). His decline is shooting percentage has something to do with defenses playing him tighter this year as opposed to last.
His 3apg are also nearly meaningless when taking his 4to per. into account, he is really reckless at times though he has good court vision.

His defense relies strictly on athleticism, most of those steals are from intercepting passing lanes like a free safety/ wide receiver (his positions in football), and his blocks are also a cause of his speed in the open floor.
He is not a good half court defender, or at least not as good as his numbers indicate. His defensive numbers match Otto Porter's (1bpg.1.8spg), yet Porter is obviously on another planet defensively.
----He should stay put in school----, work on his FG% and possibly dominate as a Senior. He could have a NPOY type performance if he came back next year as his ability to visibly fill the stat sheet is something that cant be argued against.

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Might be 1 of the most

Might be 1 of the most exciting players in the nation...The more i see him,the more he reminds me of Julius Hodge...He could be a sleeper or out of the nba in 5 years......

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He reminds me of Maurice

He reminds me of Maurice Evans, is he a two or three at the next level?

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