Jalen Brunson

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Jalen Brunson

Why is Jalen Brunson not on any mocks I have seen online ?

If this site was working, I would have him going late in the second round of my mock draft....

He played for Team USA, but is not talked about a lot. He isn't flashy or dominant, he just quietly leads his team well, sort of like a poor man's Mike Conley.

I remember his dad, Rick.

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Another deep run by Nova will

Another deep run by Nova will heavily contribute to Brunson's draft stock

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I think most people assume he

I think most people assume he will stay for 4 years and, perhaps, be an early second round pick or even a late first in 2019.

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I assume NBA officials want

I assume NBA officials want to be more assured with him in his skills before you peg him as a first-round talent. He kind of turns the ball over a lot for someone deemed a heady point-guard player and he could shoot a few more threes to make you really buy him as an elite level shooter. I can seem him being look at like a Darren Collison type coming out of the draft and turn into something more later on but right now, I'm not completely sold.

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very underrated player,

very underrated player, someone you want to be on your team, so tough, most heady player in the country with the best decision making, he's like Derek Fisher with more size and more herky jerky to his game, so he could reach like Sam Cassell level...

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Great DEREK Fisher comparison

Great DEREK Fisher comparison

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I've seen Brunson play a lot

I've seen Brunson play a lot over the past two year being a St. John's fan, and watching a ton of Big East games this season. Don't get me wrong he is an excellent college basketball player, but I don't really see him being more than an average backup PG in the NBA. He is extremely skilled and smart, has good size, and has a very good jumper that he's improved a lot this year. I just don't think he has the athleticism, and lateral quickness to get his own shot in the NBA, or to guard an NBA caliber PG.

I fully expect him to stay all 4 years at Villanova, and I think what will ultimately determine his future in the NBA is getting a lot better on the defensive end. If he can end up playing good enough defense to be passable, his playmaking skills and improving jumper can make him an about average backup PG in the NBA someday worthy of a second round selection.

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I think he will stay in school for 4 years...

He is basically a left handed Mark Jackson. Maybe even a slightly shorter version of Kendall Marshall. The question is can he defend on the nba level? He also needs to become a more consistent shooter..

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