Jahlil Okafor vs Thon Maker

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Jahlil Okafor vs Thon Maker

Thursday Morning at Peach Jam Nike Eybl Finals I was watching Jahlil Okafor (2014) against Thon Maker (2016) it's was very interest match up two of most skilled center in the country you one guy is 6'11 about 270 (Okafor) and another guy is 7'0 about 210 (Maker).

Okafor is a true beast down low (Maker couldn't handle him) his hand full in the post area & true back to basket player cause he's very good foot work, soft touch, has good post position, high IQ for the game and has little bit of face up game too. Defensively he's played good defense has good foot work, pretty good going side to side & he do good job played defense without foul. I see why alot scout drool over him he has potential to be dominate a NBA center some day causes he's size and more of old school center. Okafor end the night with 13 pts & 14 rebs (6-11 from field & 1-2 Free Throw line) vs Maker

Maker is a true seven footer from Australia Originally Sudan now in states going to Carlisle (VA). I know is younger prospect than Okafor but he's alot of upside. Offensively he is very skilled. Maker has face up game at the point of the game he try to go around Okafor didn't work out but he do little bit of the post game right now hopefully hit the weight room to add muscle to post up better. Maker is a good shooter he can make 3's too. I can say that he did cause problem defensively he's very long causes alot people changed there shot (he had 2 blks in the game). Well he's still young right now and potential is there one thing have to do really hit the weight room that's my concern but once get into the league more suited to a Power Forward. Maker end the night with 15 pts & 10 rebs (5-12 from field & 5-7 Free throw line) vs Okafor

End of the day Okafor will be forced in the league long as he still healthy, working on his game and put some muscle mass on his body.

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Next time you post proofread

Next time you post proofread because your post looks like a kid typed it for you.

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Lol, he still has more points

Lol, he still has more points in one post than you do in total.

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