Jahlil Okafor

I was watching the mcdonalds game, and I was once again very impressed with Jahlil okafor. the thing that impressed me the most may have been the least noted thing by many commentators. He looks like he has really reshaped his body well and improved his lift and movement. I remember at the start of his junior year he still had a lot of baby fat, and now he looks pretty solid. also like I had stated earlier, he looks like he has a little more lift and is a little quicker. I strongly disagree with ralph Sampson that okafor will be an above the rim player one day, but its still nice to see okafor in much better shape and a little more athletic. thoughts everyone?

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I've been wondering about

I've been wondering about Okafor and his potential since he signed with Duke. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. From what I've seen on tape, I haven't been blown away, but I think Okafor will be a good college player. I think the big thing next year will be seeing how K utilizes Okafor in his 3 happy system. He's one of the best ever so I would imagine that he's going to structure his system around Okafor. This is something that Duke has rarley done in the past.....work inside out. Wojo, who coached the big men at Duke has taken off to coach Marquette so there is the question of who will be coaching the big men at Duke now. I also question if Duke was the best destination for Okafor to develop as a true back to the basket big man. There are lots of questions to ask and I don't know if he will be dominant right away due to the drastic change in system that will take place in Durham next year. I expect Okafor to be a good college player eventually and I think he will do very well in the NBA die to the lack of true back to the basket big men in the NBA anymore.

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I personally like Karl Towns

I personally like Karl Towns better than Okafor. Bigger, better athlete, nice touch and a solid shooting stroke. He has all the tools to be a tough cover and evolve into a stretch 5.... The rare stretch 5.

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i don't think okafor...

I don't think okafor will have much problem next year, because of his strength, size, skills, and the biggest factor of all, the ncaa does not allow defenders to deny their man the post position like before. if defenders can't keep a forearm on okafor for long, its going to be easy pickings for him, much to my dismay because im a tar heels fan.

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You have to remember Coach K

You have to remember Coach K has done it before with Brand and Sheldon Williams lately so I'm sure he will do wonders with Okafor but I'm questioning what type of player will be on the NBA level

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with his mobility and overall

with his mobility and overall athleticism improved I can't see a better comparison than DeMarcus Cousins..

and while he still isn't THAT skilled, who handles like a point center and shoots fadeaways, yet..

but knowing he is probably more of a team player and could be more efficient means he can be a STAR.

6'11 super long 7'6wingspan 280 pounds back to the basket game of an NBA starter already..

I don't see how he fails

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