jahlil okafor

I personally believe jahlil okafor will be the #1 pick in the 2015 draft and a future franchise talent. he has reshaped his body and I think he will grow a couple more inches by the time he reaches the nba. his post game is truly sensational for a player his age, and his footwork is elite. he is such a strong player and has even developed a reliable jumper. what do you guys think about okafor?

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I really like him. I

I really like him. I personally don't think he will be a franchise changing player, I think those are the best of the best, but he should be extremely good, especially offensively. I think he will end up being what everyone hoped Sullinger would be. Like how everyone would say things like well if Sully was just 2 inches taller, or 20 pounds lighter, or didnt have injury concerns. Yeah that is pretty much Okafor imo.. and that is really good too.

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I think Jahlil has a chance

I think Jahlil has a chance to be the top pick in the 2015 draft. He is really skilled and has advanced post moves. You just don't see that from a young big guy these days. He's not an explosive athlete, but I don't think it will hurt him that much at the next level since he's so skilled. He's really worked on his body and gotten into great shape. A lot of where he's drafted in 2015 in my opinion depends on where he goes to school. Everyone and their mother thinks Tyus Jones and Okafor are Duke locks. He said recently the rumors about him going to Duke irritated him. Coach K is a great coach yes, but he doesn't develop big men like other schools do. Their offense is predicated on drive and dish to three point shooters, not throwing the ball inside to big men. Coach K can adapt his strategy to his personnel, but I doubt he will ever start having his teams work from inside-out. Jahlil's develop will suffer if he goes to Durham. Tom Izzo is the best coach for Okafor. He's always predicated his teams after inside play, toughness and rebounding.

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Reminds me a bit of Zach

Reminds me a bit of Zach Randolph. I think he needs to go to a college that will focus on pounding the ball into him and help develop him as a player. I dont think Kentucky would be good for him, as stated above, Coach Cal imploys a dribble drive orientated offence, focusing on kicking to open shooters, not pounding it into the post. Somewhere like Michigan State, Georgetown, or any where else with established guards who will be able to feed him the ball in his spots, would be great for him.

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AL Jefferson could of been

AL Jefferson could of been one of the very best big man in the L if not injuries (and he is still a borderline allstar) and that's something very similar to Jahlil's ceiling and floor IMO

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I think this sites profile on him slightly underrates his athleticism. I think its gotten a bit better thanks to him getting into better shape.

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duke doesn't develop bigs? as opposed to who?

people keep trying to sell this but duke keep getting bigs and sending them to the league. once recruits are presented with FACTS (historical salary, draft position, years in pros of duke big man prospects), all the negative recruiting lies are moot.

the nerve of a UNC fan talking about Duke not producing bigs. Like, Wright, Hanstravel, Williams, Henson, Davis, Haywood have made some noise in the L.

C'mon man.

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