jackie carmicharl

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jackie carmicharl

does anyone think jackie carmichael from illinois state could get drafted? Kind of remidns me a little bit like arnett multree from last years draft(not as much potential) but i really like carmichaels game

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Proud to say I had the first

Proud to say I had the first Carmichael post on this forum during the MVC tournament in 09'. I think he's the perfect 2nd round pick because of his size and in game athletic ability. He's gonna work hard, rebound, and because he's been the best player on his team for a few years, his offense has developed a bit as a result. I'd compare him to Jeff Pendergraff, but I think he'll end up being better. He'll be able to play in your 2nd unit right off the bat.

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I really like Carmichael as a mid second round draft selection. As Wolf said before me, his athletic ability and size will get him there. He has a lot of experience, playing all four years, and his motor is constantly running, as he is always trying to make "the" play for his team. He somewhat reminds me of Taj Gibson when he came out of college. He has a lot of experience in the college game, not too much potential, but the size and strength to come into the league and get it done.

I think that whoever takes a chance on Jackie Carmichael will look back in 3 years and be very satisfied with their draft pick.

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