Jack McClinton and the spurs

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Jack McClinton and the spurs

What r the chances Jack McClinton makes the spurs roster this season? I think he will make it. Whats all yall opinions

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I agree

I think that he could make the roster and become Michael Finley's replacement off the bench next year. Although the Spurs are pretty loaded on the perimeter with TP, Ginobili, Hill, Finley, and Mason, McClinton's shooting ability and energy should earn him a spot on the roster.

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He'll make it...remember the

He'll make it...remember the RJ trade cleared up 2 spots, which Blair & McClinton will most likely take up!!!
Also Jaque Vaughn expired, so the 3rd PG spot is open, and a guy with his shooting ability & intensity I think will definately stick on the roster!!!

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Im willing to bet he will make the roster. He will have a role with the Spurs. There of course is a chance he doesnt though, as Salim Stoudamire (who is alot like McClinton) didnt survive Spurs camp last season.

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McClinton will make the roster

Shot lights out in the ACC against good defenses
He is a scorer and can run PG and adds youth to the Spurs who are getting older

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He the best scorer in this draft excluding Curry. I think Jack will be good fit in SA

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