Jabari Parker debut

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Jabari Parker debut

Wow, he has 22 pts 8-10 shooting, 3-3 on threes and 6 rebounds. He also looks pretty explosive and has been passing the ball great too. I think he has definitely been overlooked athletically. On a sidenote Randle has looked good too (17 pts and 12 boards).

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Yeah, hes good. Caron

Yeah, hes good. Caron Butler/Melo type. Plays just like them

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I really feel he is more Grant Hill than Melo/Butler.

Before his major ankle problems, Grant Hill was a multi dimensional talent. I think Parker fills up the stat sheet more than Melo or Butler. He is definitely more than a scorer. Just my two cents.

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If he ends up playing like

If he ends up playing like Melo or Butler then that'd mean that his IQ never improved or it got worse over time.

He's a cerebral player and isn't just a scorer. Just cue up the footage from last night's game and watch how he passes out of doubles.

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